What does a girl from marriage need

World population report: 33,000 girls married worldwide - every day

Every fifth girl worldwide is married before the age of 15. This is the result of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in this year's World Population Report. According to this, 33,000 children are married every day.

According to the UN experts, this has serious consequences for minors: In addition to the effects on educational opportunities and economic participation, early marriage for girls is also associated with the risk of early pregnancies. Maternal mortality up to the age of 19 is a third higher than that of women between 20 and 24 years of age, it said.

The United Nations called these marriages a "serious violation of human rights". According to the experts in their report, the families affected partly justify the early marriages with the fact that the girls would be protected from sexual violence in this way.

In addition to child marriage, the report deals with the title Against my will - End practices that harm girls and women and prevent equality also with the topic of genital mutilation. 200 million girls and women worldwide are currently affected by this practice. According to UNFPA, 4.1 million more girls and women are at risk this year.

UNFPA estimates the cost of ending genital mutilation in the 31 countries with the highest number of cases in the next ten years at $ 2.4 billion. To put an end to child marriage worldwide, 35 billion dollars (around 31 billion euros) are needed.