What age did you first ejaculate?

Puberty in boys: penis development and first ejaculation

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Testicles and penis grow larger

The testicles and penis are among the primary gender characteristicsthat are present from birth. Testicular growth is a first sign that boys are entering puberty. The testicles grow between the ages of 9 and 14 and become about the size of a plum. They are never mirror-inverted: for example, one testicle may hang a little lower than the other - this is completely normal and no cause for concern. However, if you experience pain in your testicles, you should see a doctor to clarify the matter! About six to eight months after the testes begin to grow, the scrotum also changes: it enlarges, becomes wrinkled and pigmented more strongly.

The penis also begins to grow around the age of 9. The penis first grows in length, then in width. The pubic hair also begins to grow during this time. Before sexual maturity, the foreskin of the penis is still tightly connected to the glans and can hardly be withdrawn. This changes in the course of development. The penis reaches its final size at around 16 to 17 years of age. There is no ideal measure for size. So don't worry that your penis might be too small. During intercourse, the girl's vagina automatically adapts to the penis. If a penis is too big, it can even be rather uncomfortable for the girl.

The first ejaculation

With the onset of puberty in boys, the first ejaculation is imminent: Sperm cells (sperm) are formed in the testicles. Even before sexual maturity, white fluid may flow out of the penis. However, it usually takes some time before the first real ejaculation. The first ejaculation occurs only when the sperm cells in the testicles have matured. This takes place between the ages of 11 and 15 and represents a transition to manhood. Because from the first ejaculation there is a boy fertile.

Some boys initiate their first ejaculation through masturbation. Often the first ejaculation also comes by itself during sleep - then one speaks of the so-called "wet dream". During a sexual conception in a dream - which you may not even be able to remember when you wake up - your body runs at full speed and one comes up erection: That means that the penis straightens up because it has more blood supply. When you ejaculate, you give off two to six milliliters of semen - it contains up to 300 million sperm. During puberty, boys are more likely to have spontaneous erections - it takes time for the body to adapt to the hormonal changes. The hormones also increase sexual desire. Maybe this is your first time with a girl. However, you should always think about the right contraception during sexual intercourse!