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PaycheckIndustry overview: This is where you earn the most

Qualifications and responsibility pay off in professional life. Skilled workers and executives in Germany earned an average of around 58,100 euros per year in 2018. According to the 2019 salary report of the Stepstone job exchange, executives came to an average of 67,900 euros. For skilled workers without personnel responsibility it was 51,200 euros.

These values ​​are well above the national average wage for white-collar workers. A full-time employee earned an average of 46,560 euros in 2018, according to the Federal Statistical Office. However, in contrast to the Stepstone statistics, there were no special payments, such as vacation and Christmas bonuses.

Anyone striving for the highest possible income can set the course by choosing a career. Stepstone examined which industries have the highest average salaries for skilled workers and managers. The result: the front runner is around 12,000 euros above the cross-sector average.

According to Stepstone, the salaries of around 85,000 full-time specialists and executives were evaluated for the report. The period examined extended from October 2017 to October 2018. The salaries mentioned include special payments such as bonuses, commissions and bonuses.

On average, you earn the most in these ten industries:

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# 10 financial service providers

Financial services institutions are not credit institutions. Their offerings include investment advice, financial portfolio management, proprietary trading and factoring. According to the StepStone salary report, specialists and managers in the field of financial services earn an average of 64,735 euros. That means tenth place in the ranking of the most lucrative industries.

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# 9 Consumer and durables

Articles of daily, private use form a pillar of the national economy. This branch is correspondingly important. According to StepStone, companies in the consumer goods sector pay their specialists and managers an average annual salary of EUR 65,164.

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# 8 Mechanical and plant engineering

Mechanical engineering is one of Germany's top exports. Skilled workers are in demand and are attracted by high wages. Thanks to an average of 65,320 euros, mechanical and plant engineering ranks eighth in the industry ranking.

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# 7 medical technology

Medical technology is dedicated to technical solutions in areas such as diagnostics, therapy or nursing. This includes, for example, surgical robots, pacemakers or insulin pumps for use at home. According to the salary report, specialists and managers in this industry earn an average of 65,892 euros. That means seventh place in the ranking.

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# 6 Aerospace

Specialists in aerospace engineering develop engines or build space probes. No wonder that you work in one of the best-paid branches in Germany. With an average salary of 66,188 euros, the aerospace industry is in sixth place.

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# 5 insurance

The German citizens like to play it safe. Statistically speaking, every German spends more than 2,000 euros per year on insurance.

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# 4 Chemical and petroleum processing industries

The chemical and petroleum processing industry is in fourth place in StepStone's industry ranking. According to this, specialists and managers earn an average of 67,753 euros per year. That was almost 10,000 euros more than the cross-sector average salary for specialists and executives.