Why didn't I cry when I was born?

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???? Did you cry when you gave birth ?????

Hello guys, I have a question, and I would be interested in whether you cried when you gave birth, ... and did your partners cry when the little ones were finally there?
I cry every shit when I watch 'my baby' on TV then I have to cry at every birth, with my own I did cry somehow during the contractions, but after that I was in the 'flash' that I even did didn't really realize that I just had a child, .. my darling has already pulled off a tear or two, ..

What was it like with you???
where the labor pains I cried, it hurt ...
but wherever he came I was just relieved and happy.
22.08.2008 10:51
with Samantha I didn't notice anything, had already been in labor for 12.5 hours, didn't eat or drink anything, nothing worked ... I had a "blackout" in the end phase of the birth ... could no longer press , Circulatory breakdown ... midwife helped and the doctor pressed my stomach, I only woke up when my first sunshine was there ...

With Melina, I only cried afterwards because I was so happy to hold her alive in my arms ...
no, none of us cried. Everything was very strange for me. I saw my stomach go down and suddenly they put this little something on my chest. It was very strange. I thought, oh well, that's my little mouse now. Only gradually did I really feel like a mother.
My husband immediately said he would like to cut the umbilical cord and he wants to dress the little one. After that he hardly gave her off his arm. Walked around with her while I was being sewn. That showed me how happy he was.
It's not the same for everyone.

Sekerim, meanwhile a real lion mother
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