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Step # 3: When is the ideal time to travel the world?

Is there the perfect time for a trip around the world? If so, when is it? In this article you will find out what thoughts I gave to this question in connection with our World Tour 24 project.


When is the best time to go on a world tour?

An exciting question! I think giving the perfect and unambiguous answer is very difficult. There are many factors to consider. We have also given it a lot of thought. Traveling has become an ever greater passion for us in recent years. And so the desire to go on a trip around the world grew automatically and got bigger and bigger. We have now decided that we want to take this trip. The next question was: When do we want to start this journey ?!

Answering this question was and is not that easy. We have good, secure jobs where we earn well. Our big one is in fourth grade right now. Our cat Oskar wants to be pampered and petted every day. Breaking down all tents head over heels and just rushing off is therefore not an option for us. But that's never been our thing anyway. Spontaneously and without thinking about it, to rush into an adventure, may sound tempting and romantic - but it is definitely nothing for us.

But before I tell you when is the right time for us, I would like to take a closer look at the topic.

What does the ideal time for a trip around the world depend on?

The perfect time for a trip around the world - if it still exists - naturally depends on many factors. When I think about it, I come to the following points that need to be considered:

  • health status
  • Age
  • financing
  • Family situation
  • Motivation, courage & willingness to take risks

Health status

Am I fit enough for such a trip? Are there diseases or important drugs whose availability needs to be taken into account? Am I restricted? Do I have all of the necessary vaccinations? Do I physically trust myself to take such a long and perhaps arduous journey? These are all questions that you should ask yourself and that we have asked ourselves too.


Of course, age is often closely related to the state of health, but it also has completely different implications. Under certain circumstances, it also determines the type of travel (backpacker versus comfort traveler) and, for example, the people with whom you surround yourself. As a young person you may also go on such a trip more casually, but due to a lack of personal (life) experience you may suddenly be faced with completely different psychological challenges than someone who has already mastered many difficult situations in your life. What you expect from such a trip or how you immerse yourself in other countries and cultures certainly also depends on your age.

The financing

Of course, traveling at a young age, perhaps after graduation and before starting work, is easier in many ways - however, the question of financing is often much more urgent here. The fact that many people in their twenties are on the road as packers certainly not only has something to do with age and health, but also with the travel resources available. Not everyone at this age already has enough reserves for such a trip. On the other hand, there are of course many opportunities - especially for young people - to earn extra money while on the go with appropriate jobs. So it's better to ask yourself beforehand whether you still enjoy traveling when you have to work hard for your next plane ticket on the way. Decide whether you want to save the necessary money first or if you want to take care of the ongoing financing on the way. Both variants have advantages and disadvantages.

The topic is of course very complex - so complex that I will soon give it my own contribution. But the fact is, a trip around the world is not cheap - especially not if you don't want to do without a certain level of comfort. Not everyone likes to be a packer and live from hand to mouth. So you should think very carefully about how much money you need for a trip around the world and how you finance it. Here travelers who have been firmly in the working life for a number of years certainly have a certain advantage.

Family situation

Solo, relationship or even family with children? That makes a huge difference in finding the right time. Are the children of school age? Does the partner share their own dream? Do you travel alone, as a couple or as a whole family? Not only the relationship may be put to the test, but also your own wallet. Because the larger the travel group, the more costs will of course be incurred.

Motivation, courage & willingness to take risks

Going on a trip around the world often means not only making a dream come true, but also taking a risk under certain circumstances. Foreign countries, foreign customs, being away from home for a long time, leaving friends and family behind - all of that definitely means a risk. The question of whether one feels comfortable on such a long journey can only be answered with certainty if one is daring to take the step. In addition, there may be the termination of a good, secure job, because not every employer will readily agree to a sabbatical year.

So it takes a bit of courage. But how do you say so beautifully, if you don't dare, you don't win. Sometimes in life you just have to take the famous step forward or jump into so-called cold water. Because a trip around the world - and I am convinced of that - offers at least as many opportunities as there are risks. Nevertheless, I disagree with many long-term travelers and young packers who keep repeating monotonously that you just have to dare to do it without thinking about it, just have to realize your dreams. I think if you're solid in life and have a family, then you should his responsibility Be fully aware of yourself and your family. I'm not saying that you should give up your dreams. I am only saying that such a decision should be carefully considered and planned. With appropriate preparation, a smart head and the right time for yourself and your loved ones, nothing stands in the way of a wonderful trip around the world.

Just recently I read again in a blog of a long-term traveler how little you actually need to live and that you can make ends meet even with an income of 500 - 800 euros a month. Funny that all bloggers who represent these and similar theses and call themselves world travelers are almost exclusively in the Asian region, which is very cheap for Central Europeans. Is that really the freedom that you are promoting? I would also really like a life in which I only live from traveling. But if I do, then I would also like to have the freedom to see and experience everything I want - even in expensive countries. I want to be able to get on a plane whenever I feel like it. Don't want to think about where to sleep tomorrow or how to get from A to B. For some, that might be an adventure or even fulfillment - it wouldn't be my case.

Spontaneous trip around the world and without sufficient financial means? No thanks!

Quite apart from that, I wonder what these packers actually want to live on in old age? Still lying on the beach in Thailand at the age of 60 and then living in a small 20 square meter apartment in the evening? Doesn't have to be - at least I imagine it to be different in old age.

World trip & job

But I can tell I'm digressing. Back at the right time. Basically, you can make out three “typical” points in time:

  • Before working life.
  • During working life.
  • After working life.

World trip before work

There are of course a lot to be said for a trip around the world after completing your apprenticeship or studying and before your first permanent job with career prospects. You're young, often still unattached. Usually there are no children yet. You don't have to worry about whether and how you can reconcile a trip around the world with your job.

However, there is a clear disadvantage - financially, as a rule, you do not yet have large cushions to make “big jumps” on the go. Many packers come from this corner and I think it's basically great when you take this step as a young person and go out into the world, to broaden your own horizons.

For me personally, however, that wasn't an issue at that age. I was probably more conservative and wanted to stand on my own financially secure feet first. The desire to travel was sparked during my studies by a semester abroad, but at that time I didn't really think about a trip around the world.

World trip during working life

Basically, a trip around the world is possible at any time, but especially after a few years in professional life, I personally think the moment is ideal. Sure, there used to be an ugly gap in the otherwise flawless résumé. Nowadays, however, such a break is viewed positively by many companies. Therefore, the job does not always have to be terminated immediately. An unpaid sabbatical year or “working out” the later time off are only two of the possibilities that many companies support. The best thing to do is to speak openly and early on with your employer. But even if this option is not available and the employer takes a back seat - freshly recovered with new energy and a lot of work experience behind you, you are guaranteed to find a new job after the trip around the world.

The advantage of this variant is clearly the existing life experience and the presumably stable financial situation after having already been in professional life for a few years. Disadvantage, you interrupt your professional career, of course, postpone any career jumps and, if things don't go well, you have to look around the world for a new job.

Do you live to work or do you work to live? What is more important?

Travel after work

There is still option number three - to postpone the world tour to retirement age and only enjoy retirement while traveling after working life. Financially certainly the safest option, but the great unknown and thus also that the greatest risk is simply your own health. Who knows if you are still fit enough for such a trip in old age? Also, a journey with 60+ is certainly very different than with 20, 30 or 40. One should simply be aware of that.

Above all, I see a really big danger here - that you dream about it for a lifetime and then ultimately it just remains a dream. Are you ready to take that risk? Not me.

Is there the ideal time for a trip around the world?

Either way, the perfect timing probably doesn't exist. But there may be better times and worse. A general statement cannot be made anyway. Everyone here simply has to consider their own situation, motivation and possibilities. What is good for one may be bad for another. I do not believe in the black and white painting of many long-term travelers and hamster wheel demonists. Ultimately, only one person knows the perfect time for your world tour anyway - namely you. Don't let anyone persuade you. Listen to your gut and decide with your head!

When we will make our world tour

For us it was actually very easy to determine the perfect time. Since Lucas is now in the fourth grade and we don't want to tear him out of his environment, his friends and his class for a year, we're just aiming for the year after his potential graduation. And that's exactly the year 2024. Until then we have a lot of time to prepare, plan and finance our trip.

Lucas will then be able to decide for himself whether he wants to go on a world tour with us or not. But in all likelihood, the three of us will go on a world tour, because Lucas is already enjoying our travels very much. At that point, I already had around 20 years of working life behind me. It remains to be seen whether I will take a year off or quit completely and throw my life in a completely new direction. I am not afraid of the future. I already have a lot of professional experience today, life will go on for me after the world tour - one way or another.

It will be around 8 years before we get started. But they are up faster than you think. We'll be in our mid-40s by then - in our prime, so to speak. And maybe it will even be the perfect age to get out of working life completely. Who knows?

I'm curious to see how blogging will develop by then. Everything is possible, nothing is neccesary!

World tour 24 - we look forward to you!

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What is your opinion? What is the perfect time to travel the world? Or have you already been on a world tour yourself? If so, did you catch the “ideal” time for you?