Is the food good at Arbys

Fast food chain is working on meat menus with a vegetable look

A chicken carrot is set to become the Arby's chain's new fast food trend. Because, according to the company, that's what Americans really want: "delicious meat".

A real boom has broken out in vegan foods. Vegan burgers are even offered in the convenience department in large supermarket chains. In the USA, the fast food chain Arby's is taking a different approach. On Facebook they presented a completely new category on the menu: "Meat Vegetables". Meat that at least externally disguises itself as a vegetable.

It was only in May that Arby's announced that it cannot be assumed in the near or foreseeable future that meat-free products or menus based on plants will be included in the menu.

The "Megetables", as Arby's calls them, are not a PR stunt. Even if there were only pictures of the food so far. As found out when asked by Arby's, the latest creations are still being tried out in the test kitchen. Then they should be offered in the branches.

"If others can make meat out of vegetables, why shouldn't we be able to make vegetables out of meat?" Asks Arby’s marketing director Jim Taylor on the company blog. In it he also writes that vegetarian products or meat substitutes always try to look like meat anyway. Then why shouldn't it be possible the other way around? After all, that's what Americans really want, "delicious meat".

But whether it turns out to be a marketing gag remains to be seen. It is clear that Arby's has always been very proud of its meat range. Meanwhile, other burger chains such as TGI Fridays and Burger King are reorienting themselves and expanding their range to include vegetarian and vegan burgers.