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5 ways you can ruin a perfect relationship yourself

You may think that you are in an incredibly happy relationship and that your partner is just as happy as you are. Or maybe your relationship has long been on the brink - and you just don't notice it.

Perhaps you do something every day that really gets on your partner's nerves and challenges your relationship without you realizing it.

In an article for Psychology Today, psychologist and neuroscientist Susan Krauss Whitbourne identified five ways we can destroy even the best of relationships without even realizing it.

1. Require your partner to conform to your standard

Those who always ask their partner to reach a certain level will cause bitterness and dissatisfaction in the long run. Not only do you expect the partner to change - they too get the impression that they can't please you and will never be good enough for you. This can be fatal for a relationship.

You fell in love with the person because they are who they are. So why try to change it from the ground up?

2. Failure to attempt to build trust and loyalty

Even if everything seems rosy at the beginning of the relationship, it can fail at the latest if you neither build trust nor loyalty to one another. Some relationships break because one of the partners is unable to form a deeper bond.

"If you focus only on the superficial, your partner will not be able to bond with you deeper," says Whitbourne. Because depth, trust and loyalty are what you need to build a close - and above all lasting - relationship.

3. Fixate on the outside instead of focusing on what really matters

Anyone who expects their partner to conform to their own superficial ideas around the clock is damaging the relationship. After the initial euphoria in the first phase of being in love, the partner will quickly be discouraged.

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Instead of trying to model him or her according to your own ideas, according to Whitbourne you should support your partner in pursuing his or her own desires and passions. After all, in a relationship it is important that the partners give each other enough space to express their individuality.

4. Break the trust you have built

"When your partner senses that you are ready to break their trust, the basis on which good relationships are built is broken."

Because everyone knows that once trust is broken, it is very difficult to restore it.

5. Not recognizing your own weaknesses

Sometimes it happens without you noticing: You expect certain things from those around you without making the same demands on yourself. Think hard again when you expect something from someone. Would you expect the same from yourself? How would you react if someone asked you to do this?

Nobody is infallible. Before pointing your finger at your partner, you should be aware of your own weaknesses.