What is building construction

Building construction

As the name suggests, building construction deals with the erection of structures, the majority of which is built above the surface of the earth. Buildings can be found everywhere - not only skyscrapers fall under this term, as the above definition already shows.

Typical structures in building construction

Building construction includes all classic buildings above the surface of the earth, in which people usually live, work, produce, etc. Depending on how far the contract goes to the building construction company, they can hand over such buildings in an unfinished state, but expanded buildings and turnkey handovers are also the order of the day. Residential and work buildings, as we find them in every city today, mostly have several floors. So banal this It may sound like a statement: building over several floors is an important achievement of modern times. It ensures that areas in cities can be used optimally. Building construction nowadays lives essentially from the technical possibility of being able to erect such buildings.

As a rule, high-rise buildings that offer something extraordinary have a very special appeal. This can affect the architecture as well as the dimensions of a building. In recent years there has been a real competition about which country can boast the tallest building in the world. At the moment, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai tops the list of the tallest buildings in the world at 830 m. Of course, not every meter of this record building can be used - but these values ​​reveal how far building construction has progressed in the last few decades. The times when a building like the Manhattan Life Building was just over 100 m tall and was one of the tallest buildings in the world are long gone. In terms of architectural extraordinaryness, there also seem to be hardly any limits.

Tasks in building construction

Civil engineers and architects are the ones who plan high-rise buildings and provide essential support for the construction project. It is not uncommon for a lot of creativity to be required here - many buildings in the structural engineering sector should not only be functional, but also develop representative charm through their aesthetics. However, the days when larger projects were mainly supervised by an architect or civil engineer alone are over. Today they are supported by many other experts who make the planning and construction of record-breaking or aesthetically impressive buildings possible in the first place. The construction of single-family houses, on the other hand, is often carried out under the leadership of a single architect or civil engineer.

Building construction is a part of the construction industry in which numerous construction companies are active. Such companies often take on very different tasks: They often erect both commercial and residential buildings. Conversions and renovations to high-rise buildings can also be part of their business. Additional services can also be provided in the form of demolition work or in the form of landscaping measures if the building construction company cooperates with specialists from these areas or maintains its own departments for the performance of such work.

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