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bft & ryd pay conclude a framework agreement for all 2,707 member petrol stations

The Federal Association of Free Gas Stations (bft) and ryd pay have agreed a cooperation agreement that aims to facilitate uniform access for around 515 bft members to contactless payment at the petrol pump via smartphone. The aim of the framework agreement is to connect all 2,707 petrol stations of the association members.

The framework contract, which representatives of both cooperation partners signed in mid-December 2020, regulates the most important contract content for the use of ryd pay. The independent pay @ pump solution enables drivers to use the ryd app at the connected petrol stations to pay directly with their smartphones at the petrol pump. This is made possible by interfaces between the cash register system, the fuel pump and the app. With the agreement, bft members who want to become part of the ryd acceptance network have easy access to the entire ryd ecosystem, which currently reaches several million drivers in Germany.

For the bft, the independent platform concept for the cooperation spoke in particular. It is intended to enable independent mineral oil medium-sized companies to face digital change and thus equip themselves for a networked future. “Our filling station partners benefit from tried and tested ryd technology without having to spend a lot of their own time on development,” comments board member Eike Mönneke, who led the contract negotiations for the bft. "The bft wants to give all members the opportunity to meet the increased demand of an increasingly digital target group and use ryd pay to make the petrol station ready for the next few years," adds Duraid El Obeid, CEO of the bft.

“The digital change is the greatest opportunity of the present. To initiate it alone, however, it is sometimes associated with high costs and time expenditure for many petrol station operators. The cooperation between bft and ryd pay creates the prerequisites for being able to use digital fueling at each of the 2,707 filling stations, ”announced Thomas Kempf, Business Development ryd pay Germany. “Obstacles are being removed and the connection is being made easier. Whether operator of a petrol station or a chain with many stations: anyone who wants to use ryd pay can do so quickly and easily, ”adds Roger Barth, CFO of ThinxNet GmbH.

In addition to contactless payments with the ryd app or the third-party providers connected via the interface, the implementation of in-car payment is on ryd's agenda in 2021. This distinguishes the ryd network from classic pay @ pump platforms and gives its users the same access to many petrol station brands.