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General information

When traveling abroad, a passport must be carried with you.

The identity card is usually not sufficient for entry into countries outside the EU.

In Hong Kong, passports can only be applied for at the Consulate General. A personal interview is essential. This also applies to applications for identity cards.

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Leaflets, application forms and information on the documents required for applying for passports, children's passports and temporary passports can be found here:

Identity card

When applying for ID cards, the information in the leaflet for applying for German passports applies analogously. Further information can be found here:


Important Information

Acquisition of German citizenship through birth notification for children whose German parents were born abroad after December 31, 1999

For German citizens who were born abroad after December 31, 1999, their children only acquire German citizenship when they are born abroad if the parents notify the responsible German diplomatic mission within one year of the child's birth.

The passage in the relevant section 4 (4) of the German Citizenship Act (StAG) reads as follows:

(4) German citizenship is not acquired in accordance with paragraph 1 if the child is born abroad if the German parent was born abroad after December 31, 1999 and has their habitual residence there, unless the child would otherwise become stateless. The legal consequence according to sentence 1 does not apply if within one year after the birth of the child an application according to Section 36 of the Civil Status Act for the birth to be certified in the birth register is made; To meet the deadline, it is also sufficient if the application is received by the responsible diplomatic mission within this period. If both parents are German citizens, the legal consequence of sentence 1 only applies if both of them meet the requirements specified there.

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