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This salad is suitable as an accompaniment to a mixed salad or grilled vegetables. A delicacy that is easy to prepare.

Spicy egg and ham salad

A rich salad with meat and vegetables. Especially suitable in summer and is very easy to prepare with this recipe.

Wild rice ham salad

A light summer recipe that, as a wild rice salad, is perfect as a side dish to a mild summer evening as a main course or as a meat side dish.

heated coleslaw

This fine coleslaw is served warm and tastes incredibly good as a side dish with juicy meat or spicy sausages.

Warm coleslaw with bacon

The fine coleslaw recipe, which is served warm with juicy bacon cubes and tastes very good with grilled meat in summer.

warm potatosalad

The great potato salad recipe that is served warm and goes particularly well with meat dishes as a side dish.

Spinach salad with bacon

This hearty salad recipe that makes a great starter for everyone with its healthy spinach and crispy bacon.

Summer salad with strawberries

Light summer salad is prepared with strawberries and makes the ideal starter recipe for a multi-course menu.

boiled beef salad

This recipe for a boiled meat salad is quick and easy to prepare. This recipe should not be missing at any festival.

Rice salad with ham and cheese

The simple rice salad with juicy strips of ham and cheese is quick to prepare and tastes wonderfully good in summer.