Is Roger Federer gay

The obscene Roger Federer

With his tour of South America, the image of the tennis star is damaged.

Tennis god, national hero, loyal husband, picture book dad: that's how they want to see Roger Federer. And most of the others too. Because actually there is no reason not to like the Swiss tennis player. His career is so flawless, his whole life seems to fit in perfectly.

But wait, that's not true: Roger Federer's Teflon image has cracks. A series of exhibition fights that the 38-year-old is doing in South America is currently being questioned. Federer is expected to bring in a total of CHF 10 million for the five show games that he wanted to play in Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador and Argentina within a week. If these estimates from the South American media are correct, that would be a good 2.5 million more than Federer earned in prize money in an entire season.

10 million francs in one week - while in many Latin American countries protests against arbitrariness and social injustice. Roger Federer also had to take note of this: he had a “broken heart” because a show match in Bogotá, Colombia, “unfortunately” couldn't take place, writes the tennis star on Instagram.

So for Federer everything seems to be fine as long as he can live in peace and play tennis.

The show game between Federer and Alexander Zverev was prevented by a curfew: It was imposed by the conservative Colombian government after hundreds of thousands protested against planned labor market and pension reforms. Also against police violence suffered by activists with social concerns.

Violence against protesters with legitimate concerns - and a curfew to make any further protest impossible. But Federer is heartbroken because he can't play tennis.

It is not the first time that Federer's behavior appears questionable: The Swiss citizen has had a second home in Dubai for several years. There basic rights are restricted, women and homosexuals are discriminated against, human rights activists "disappear". «Nobody bothered you here. I can be completely undisturbed here, ”said Federer, praising his second home.

So everything seems to be fine for Federer as long as he can live in peace and play tennis. Like on Tuesday a week ago when he played a show match against Zverev in Santiago de Chile. At that time there were clashes between demonstrators, police and military on the streets of the Chilean capital. Amnesty International speaks of human rights violations, arbitrary violence, and even torture by the police and the army.

Federer wants to do business - while others fight for their freedom and their lives.

But Federer is also a philanthropist, some will now object. That's right, he has a foundation into which 50 million francs, or around 10 percent of his assets, are said to have already flowed; it supports projects in Africa and Switzerland. Against the background of the South America tour, the Federer Foundation only acts like a vehicle to provide buses. For the fact that Federer cannot and is not allowed to do what is humanly possible.

For example, to use his large social capital and his credibility to draw attention to violations of human rights or political grievances. Because this is not intended in his marketing: Federer wants to be a consensus figure that everyone should find great. As a matter of principle, he does not comment on politics, because that could be damaging to business. Also in South America, where markets for Federer and his sponsors are to be developed and cultivated.

So Federer wants to do business - while others fight for their freedom and their lives. The Swiss would not have financially necessary. No question about it, that's not heroic, just one more thing: obscene.


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