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What does “ticken” / “sell” mean? Meaning, definition

The verb “ticken” has several meanings in the German language. The meaning of "sell" is clear.

What does "sell" mean? Meaning, definition

"Deal" means "sell" and is also used as a term for dealing. ("Dealing" is the sale of illegal drugs, narcotics and substances.) Example:

  • "They sold weed."
  • "We sold everything on the flea market."

Since 2004 "tick" has been in the Duden. "Verticken" is a casual expression and is not used in official letters.

The verb “verticken” was partly shortened to “ticken”. Example: "They make weed tick."

What does "ticking" mean? Meaning, definition

The verb "ticken" has several meanings:

"Ticking" - sound of a clock

The sound of a mechanical clock is called “ticking”. This is also called a ticktack. The tick and tick consists of short light tones.


  • "The clock is ticking loudly."
  • "When it's boring, you can hear the clock ticking."

"How we tick" - another word for "think"

About the attitude of a person, how he thinks and acts, it is also said: "That is how they tick". “How we tick” is a common phrase in the German language. It stands for the specific, characteristic and typical thinking of a person or group. In this sense, “ticking” is another word for “thinking”.


  • "That's how Germans tick."
  • "How we tick."
  • "Women think differently than men."
  • "How men tick."
  • "You are probably not ticking right!"
  • "You are probably not ticking perfectly!"
  • "What makes the British who want Brexit tick?"
  • "It works differently."

"Ticking" - lightly touch with your fingertip

In another meaning, “ticking” stands for a brief, light touch with the fingertip.


"Ticken" - variant of "tick"

"Tick" is a modified form of "sell" and means to sell or deal.


  • "They make all kinds of substances tick."

“Wir ticken” by Capital Bra feat. Samra

"Wir ticken" is a published on March 15, 2019 by Capital Bra feat. Samra released song. It was produced by Beatzarre & Djorkaeff. “Wir ticken” appeared on YouTube and can be heard on popular streaming portals.

“We're ticking” is on Capital Bra's album “CB6”.

The song is about selling and trading. The rappers literally compare this to the ticking of a clock. In the intro, Capital Bra raps “We tick like the AP”. "AP" is the abbreviation for "Audemars Piguet", a Swiss watch manufacturer that produces and sells luxury watches. Also in the hook they rap "We tick like Rainbow". A Rolex watch is united with “Rainbow”.

The fact that “ticking”, the sale of drugs is meant, is clear from the words used. They rap, among other things, "Fuck money like on Yayo" and "Beyda from Bogotá". "Yayo" and "Beyda" are both names for cocaine. (You can find more synonyms for cocaine here.)

Further meanings of ticking

"Ticken" is software to learn to type in touch.

“We don't tick completely cleanly” is a song by SDP.

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