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Teacher India - salary, how to find a job

What's the salary - teacher india?
How do I find a job - Teacher India?


The most popular locations to find a job are: Delhi (capital), Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Calcutta

Salary for the job: Teacher India - USD 669
Average salary India - USD 481
Official currency: INR (Indian rupee)

Influence of professional experience on salary:
Beginners: + 26%
Medium career workers: + 8%
Senior career workers: -17%


Chart: (1) Salary - Teacher (2) Average Salary - India


Diagram: (1) Experienced (2) mid-career (3) newcomers

Employee benefits
Pension plan: yes
Health insurance: yes
Internal and external training: Usually yes
Career development plan for employees: Yes

Typical work requirements
Required level of education: university or master’s degree
Certification: Required
Computer skills: Required
Trial period: Usually not
Official language: Hindi and English
Foreign language skills: Necessary
Driving license: not necessary
Work Experience: Salary Impact - Moderate

Type of employment:
Full time
Part time
Temporary employment
Temporary contract
Teleworking (working from home)
free collaboration
Industrial sector: education and training

Working hours and paid vacation
Working week: Monday - Friday or Monday - Saturday
Working hours per week: 45 (including lunch break)
Overtime: yes
Paid vacation days: 12 (the contract may differ)
Paid holidays: 15
Lunch break: yes
Lunch break duration: 1 hour
Flexible working hours: Usually not

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