Why are teenagers so obsessed with Instagram

Parents share social media concerns

“My kids would end up being bullied if they did Not in social media "- Claire Smith, mother of Charlie, 13, Lyra, 11, and seven year old Miller

Claire Smith knows all too well that she doesn't fit into school. Growing up, her parents were so strict that they were no longer allowed to watch TV or read the trending magazines her friends talked about.

It's one of the reasons she's giving her two oldest children, Charlie, 13, and Lyra, 11, more freedom and the ability to engage with social media.

She said, “You are at an age where all of your friends are on social media. So if I stop having my two friends, they'll be judged for not having it. I do not want that. It's only one way in the world and I hope I've taught my kids how to use it properly. I'm a huge Twitter fan, I have over 13,000 followers so it would be a bit hypocritical to say they couldn't use social media. "

Claire says she will regularly check her children's social media usage - including Instagram, Snapchat, and Musicality - and had to intervene when she found out that Lyra had been in touch with her friends a number of times.

“I saw her tell a friend about her real father's whereabouts once,” revealed Claire, a Bedfordshire mother who had stayed home. "As far as I know, your real father lives at home with us and always has!"

Lyra said, “I don't know why I chose to say that. It's just a little bit of fun. I haven't really thought about it. I don't mean it that way. "

Claire, 42, also stepped in when her son Charlie was the subject of a rude Snapchat photo circulated by one of his friends.

She admitted, “One of Charlie's friends drew a rude object [a penis] on a picture of him and sent it around on Snapchat. He was devastated and was afraid that everyone would see it. But that's the way we live, tease and everything happens online now. "

Claire - who also has seven-year-old son Miller - found out after an angry Charlie told her after seeing it go on Snapchat and having to speak to the parents of the boy who did it. And even though it took place outside of school, Claire says the school was very good at handling it.

"They were great and made sure the picture was deleted and not re-sent," she said. "When it comes to social media, schools are very involved, especially when it comes to online bullying."