Why do people say mean things

Translation of "common things" in Turkish

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She said a lot mean things about me.
Lots of people do mean things with scammers.
He's a really mean guy who loves people mean things does.
We had a terrible argument and I did mean things said.
People think so mean things out!
You would have so many mean things can say.
You have pretty mean things said.
If you don't stop now I will mean things say.
And he said very cold-hearted and mean things to me and I shot Mr. San Giuliano
I tweet mean things about her until she develops an eating disorder.
Bir yeme bozuklu─ču olu┼čturana kadar kadar onunla ilgili adi tweetler atmak.
I have her mean things said and drove her away, but she has become my inner voice,
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