Which is better for PS4 or Xbox

Xbox One X or PS4 Pro: Console Purchase Advice 2019

Even if Microsoft does not see its Xbox One X as a direct competitor for the PS4 Pro, users are wondering which of the currently most powerful consoles from Microsoft and Sony is the better one for them. In this article, we'll take a look at different categories that are (or should be) important for console buyers, award points in the disciplines and, at the end of the day, take a look at which console does better.

Microsoft presented its new gaming flagship at E3 2017, the Xbox One X was released on November 7th that same year. The price is still 499 euros (RRP). For this you get the Xbox One X with a controller including basic accessories. These are typically cables for the HDMI connection to the TV and the power supply.

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A mono headset or USB cable for charging the controller as with the PS4 (Pro) are not included with the Xbox One X. While the PS4's Dualshock 4 controller has a built-in rechargeable battery, Microsoft uses AA batteries for Xbox One gamepads, two of which are non-rechargeable cells in the box. With the Play & Charge kit you can retrofit a battery that can be charged directly in the controller using a micro USB cable. Incidentally, you cannot (!) Charge AA batteries in the controller using a USB cable.

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The PS4 Pro is a whole 100 euros cheaper at 399 euros (RRP). We'll tell you on the following pages what compromises you have to make and where there are advantages over Microsoft. Before doing this, we provide the latest tips on the prices at which you can buy Xbox One X or PS4 Pro without a guilty conscience.

Buy Xbox One X or PS4: Wait for low prices

In regular promotions you get bundles with games and / or controllers for the Xbox One X for less than 400 euros. Actions are less common for a PS4 Pro. Low prices for pure Sony hardware start around 300 euros. If you subtract current market prices for games or accessories in bundles from the total price, you should now end up at around 320 euros for an Xbox One and less than 300 euros for a PS4 Pro.

The timing for such prices is of course difficult to predict. We suspect that particularly worthwhile discounts on current high-end consoles will be available again by Easter at the latest. Otherwise you usually pay the RRP or a slightly lower "normal price" of around 360 euros for a PS4 Pro. The Xbox One X currently (14.03.2019) offers a discount on the Fallout 76 Bundle. You pay 398.99 euros for the console and the online co-op action shooter. However, this is more often offered for 10 to 15 euros. The savings for the console are therefore limited.

If we take the recently more frequent offer prices to hand, the Xbox One is slowly but surely moving closer to the PS4 Pro. We have therefore decided not to take the price into account for our comparison. Those who ultimately cannot decide whether they prefer to play a technically modern console (Xbox One X) or the Sony exclusive can of course still make their decision dependent on the price difference that continues to exist.

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