Where is Louis Vuitton made

They are often sky high, wear the famous L woven with the V on the leather and cost 600 euros upwards: the shoes of the French luxury label Louis Vuitton, some of which are made in Italy - one of the countries of origin that are synonymous with good footwear. Made in Italy, as the manufacturer advertises? Not really like the British one Guardian has now revealed. Many of the shoes are mostly manufactured a good 1000 kilometers east, in the Romanian region of Transylvania. The materials come from Italy, as the newspaper writes, but the shoes are then produced at lower costs in Romania. Before they end up in the shop windows of the shopping mile, they are soled in Italy - and given the label that they were also made there.

A few years ago, French journalists had spoken to anonymous workers for a TV documentary who had claimed just that. But Bernard Arnault, the boss of the Louis Vuitton parent company LVMH, had rejected it. The reporters of the Guardian have now gained access to the factory of the LVMH subsidiary Somarest in Cisnadie, Romania. In front of the front door there is nothing to indicate Louis Vuitton, writes the British newspaper, but inside there is an expensive pair of leather boots and the brand's bags are displayed on glass shelves.

A spokeswoman for the Romanian factory has confirmed to the Guardian that some "Made-in-Italy" products are mainly manufactured in the Eastern European country. Louis Vuitton has not yet responded to a request from SZ. Louis Vuitton isn't the first company that may not deliver what its labels promise. There have already been similar reports about the German shoe brand Gabor, as well as about jeans, which in Italy were only given their labels. But Louis Vuitton had advertised its Italian shoes particularly aggressively. The Venice production location embodies "savoir-faire", and that in a region that is "revered" for its fine shoe craft.

From a legal point of view, there is nothing wrong with the luxury label's approach. For some years now, it has been stipulated throughout the EU how products that have been produced in several countries are to be labeled: Your label bears the name of the country in which the last major production step took place. In the case of Louis Vuitton, it is the soles that are added to the otherwise finished shoes. The question now is how customers will react to the news. Even normal wage earners sometimes save months in order to be able to show themselves off with shoes or a bag from Louis Vuitton. For them, what matters more is the logo that adorns the shoes - and less the truth behind the label.