What's your favorite organic food

Do organic foods taste better?

Organic farmers often use older fruit and vegetable varieties

This has been debated for years. Many organic buyers say that those who bite into organic apples, carrots or cucumbers have more taste on the tongue. That could be - because organic vegetables often grow more slowly and contain up to 20 percent less water, they can develop more flavor. However, that doesn't mean that everyone really likes it better. Organic farmers sometimes grow old varieties that taste different than the usual modern varieties. One likes them, the other maybe not. The fact is, however, that organic foods taste more natural because they contain fewer additives. Organic sausage, bread or ready-made meals should come as natural as possible on the table.

Fewer E numbers in organic products

In Germany, more than 300 of the so-called E numbers are currently approved for conventional foods. The organic food manufacturers are allowed to use far less. Synthetic sweeteners, stabilizers, preservatives, flavors, colors and flavor enhancers are taboo. For example, organic producers use beetroot juice instead of artificial coloring or use honey, syrup or organic sugar instead of sugar substitutes. The EC organic regulation has listed all permitted additives in organic products in a positive list. There are currently around 45, for example vegetable thickeners (agar agar), raising agents (sodium carbonate) or emulsifiers (lecithin), without which certain foods simply cannot be produced or preserved. If you want to stick the seal of the eco-associations on yourself, you have to get by with fewer additives: Bioland, for example, allows 22, Demeter only 20 additives. The associations also specify which additives may be used for which foods. This reduces the usage by another.

Demeter and Bioland are far stricter than the EU organic regulation

Controversial substances such as nitrite curing salt, which is permitted in cured meat products according to the EC organic regulation and which stabilizes the red meat color, are taboo for Bioland and Demeter butchers. The European legislator allows natural flavors and flavor extracts, but some organic associations restrict their use, others, for example Demeter, prohibit them completely. Because these flavors are not entirely unproblematic. They are produced using solvents from natural raw materials (these do not have to be food). Example: Strawberry aroma is created by microbial processes from sawdust. Members of the Demeter Association only use essential oils or pure plant extracts. As complicated as it all sounds, one thing is clear: because organic foods contain fewer additives, they have a more natural taste.