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International guests: this is how Americans think of Germans

Americans especially like potato and sausage dishes from Germany, but vegetables miss them in our domestic cooking pots. Germany is an attractive travel destination, especially because of its historical sights and beautiful nature. The front runners among the German cities are Berlin and Munich, but smaller cities away from the metropolitan areas are also very popular with American travelers.

Culinary export hits from Germany and European highlights
The “German Schnitzel” is right at the top of the menu for German dishes. Around a quarter of the Americans surveyed said the breaded piece of meat was their favorite German dish, followed by pretzel with beer (17 percent) and Black Forest cake (around 15 percent). The Berlin currywurst, on the other hand, is rather unpopular with only three percent. The Americans surveyed would like to see some German dishes on their plates more often. These include German sausage, German wholemeal bread and German beer. Basically, almost 28 percent of the Americans surveyed consider German cuisine to be very “traditional” and “original”. In addition, German dishes are mainly described as “tasty”, “filling” and “very heavy”. If they could change something about German dishes, around 50 percent of those surveyed would add more vegetables and refine the taste of the food with spices (20 percent).

When it comes to European cuisine, the respondents like it Mediterranean. Italian cuisine is at the top by a large margin: 54 percent of the Americans surveyed love pizza, pasta and ice cream from Bella Italia. The Greek and French cuisine (9 percent and 8 percent respectively) are still comparatively well received. Despite the “German Schnitzel”, the German does not come off well among the most popular European cuisines with around 4 percent. Only the British do worse. In general, the average American is not particularly keen to experiment with new foods: 16 percent say they like hamburgers, French fries and grilled cheese best.

Visiting Germany: Berlin, beer and order is a must!
However, they find German history and nature even more interesting than German food: 60 percent would like to see the historical sites on a trip to Germany and almost a quarter are drawn to the countryside. Particularly popular travel destinations are Berlin and Munich. But also smaller cities are worth a trip for 14 percent of those surveyed.

Almost 60 percent of those surveyed have never been to Germany, but 16 percent definitely want to travel there once. When asked about the clichés about the land of poets and thinkers, 28 percent of those questioned said that Germans love rules, organization and beer. They are also very direct (13 percent) and sometimes cold or distant (7 percent). However, 12 percent of the Americans surveyed said that they did not agree with any of the common stereotypes about Germans. (MJ)