How should a relationship progress

Why you may not have found your partner for life yet

Obviously, if the question is “why?” You are trying to identify the reasons that may be causing the problem. Or you yourself accept that there must be reasons that cause your problem.

But first: Is your supposed problem really a problem? The Looking for a partner or a partner should in any case not be understood as a "problem". Because it is human nature that we want a partner. So it is more of a task than a problem, rather a goal and the pursuit of the human sensations and needs meet.

Problems are associated with a destructive and pessimistic assessment, while a task is more of a challenge that has to be overcome constructively and with the belief in success. So: change your starting position and see the search for the right partner as a task for which there are ways and means to solve it. It is not without reason that there is a lid for every pot.

In this respect, you shouldn't give up, if previous relationships failed and you feel disappointed. Don't view disappointments as failures, but as preparation for the fact that you are preparing for the right relationship. You learn best when you make mistakes, recognize mistakes as such and, knowing them, improve your behavior.