Why do most DJs use Apple MacBooks

Hang up with the Mac! Is it really the better DJ calculator?

Hi bro,

The new year 2018 is approaching and we are about to throw ourselves on one of the most controversial topics in the DJ world!

The question is:

Is the Mac really the better computer to hang up on?

And as is so often the case in life, the answer is not very clear, but also not so unclear ... well YES !?

If you click through various forums, websites or Facebook posts, you get the wildest stuff to read. From “Apple Computer is only for fanboys! "Or" Not all programs run on Mac computers ... so you better install Windows too! "Up to" Mac’s only cost a lot of money and are of no advantage !? "

But hey, why are so many DJs playing on the Mac?

One reason for this could be that DJs want a working computer that is also easy to use. And the way it looks, the Mac apparently does it relatively well.

But let's get to the bottom of the matter in detail ...


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Or rather, what speaks for the Mac and what against it?

Let's start with the disadvantages:

  • usually a little higher price than comparable Windows or Linux computers
  • Not everyone gets along with Mac OSX
  • Windows-native programs only work to a limited extent on a Mac
  • few connection options (especially with the newer models)
  • Upgrading or upgrading RAM or hard disk is difficult or impossible

What are the advantages of a Mac:

  • good and high-quality workmanship of the hardware components
  • Unix-based stable operating system (MacOS) *
  • all major DJ software developers support Apple computers
  • you don't need a virus scanner that draws computing power in the background (haven't had one for 12 years!)
  • universal audio drivers that make additional driver installation unnecessary (plug & play)
  • Windows computers are often littered with numerous software from hardware or third-party manufacturers. The Mac “clean” is installed here.
  • higher value retention = higher resale value

* The people at Apple are no saints when it comes to the operating system and have recently released one or the other buggy update. But this was always improved and the bugs (small system errors) were quickly fixed.

Which Mac would you recommend?

First of all, it doesn't have to be nNewest and fastest computers because the computing power a computer needs to hang up is in contrast to e.g. video editing or 3D gaming almost negligible. Nevertheless, you should make sure you have enough power, so don't buy the computer exactly according to the system requirements of Serato, Traktor, Rekordbox and Co. but always plan a little more reserves. That means on the "Hardware"-Site a bit more memory, a faster processor and enough hard drive space. And on the "Software"-Page always the compatible operating system *

The minimum system requirements can be found on the website of the respective DJ software:


https://serato.com/dj/downloads (under System Requirements)



Record box:


Virtual DJ:


* Be careful when upgrading to the latest operating system released by Apple! Apple is now releasing new operating systems every year (Sierra, High-Sierra, etc ...). Before you install the new software immediately after it is released, check the page of your DJ software to see whether the latest operating system is supported at all. From experience with Serato DJ, I can say that it always takes a few months before Serato DJ is ready for the latest MAC OS. I also had to downgrade because I clicked on update too quickly!

Where can I get a relatively cheap Mac?

Regardless of whether you play with DVS (Digital Vinyl System), controller or something else where the computer is needed ... don't save on the computer! Because in the end this is the weakest link in your equipment chain and gives up the ghost faster than you can see. And then the evening is over for you. Because all the music and your DJ software are on the laptop and it doesn't work without these two!

But that doesn't mean you have to buy a new computer. Often a used vehicle does the same here.

Which Mac should it be?

There are also different models on Macs. If you ever take “more” money into your hand, you should too the right model be! In general, I would advise against iMacs (not mobile enough) and normal MacBooks (too few connections and possibly performance). MacBook Pro’s have proven to be a good and reliable companion.

You should also keep an eye on expandability. MacBook Pros up to 2012 can be equipped with more RAM (main memory) and a faster SSD (hard disk) without much effort. With newer models it becomes more difficult or even impossible (e.g. RAM soldered directly to the motherboard). So with newer Macs you should plan for more RAM and hard disk space when buying them. Yes, I know Apple is paying more than princely for a little more SSD or RAM! But if you've been using the Mac for several years, the whole thing pays off.

You can find good used Macs here:


MacBook Pro





Or Refurbished MacBook Pro’s from Apple itself:



I've been a Mac user for over 12 years, so for some time before the Mac was really hyped ... And of course I've heard all the prejudices against Macs that exist. And so far none of the so-called have been made "Reservations" true. Unfortunately, some hold up Old wives' tale still persistent ... and that can be very annoying at times. Especially since budding DJs who are looking for a new computer don't help but rather confuse them ...

As mentioned above, in our opinion, the advantages of Macs predominate, especially in the club area. It can be different with mobile DJs and Windows computers are more common here. It is important for every DJ that his computer always works with plug-and-play. With a Windows computer, ASIO drivers usually have to be installed so that the sound card can communicate with the respective equipment. And that can also lead to further sources of error. Since the Mac universal audio driver usually does not have to be installed afterwards. That can be an advantage.

Inexpensive Windows laptops are available from around 300 EUR. But if you want something comparable in terms of processing and equipment, there is no longer that much difference in price between a Windows computer and a Mac. Especially if software still has to be bought.

But do you know your way around Windows computers and know just about every trick to keep your system running smoothly? Then such a computer can be an alternative and you can use it for your daily DJ routine. Nevertheless, I know some Windows users who have switched to a Mac and hardly any who regret it, let alone wanted to go back. If you already have experience with both systems and are looking for something new, you probably will with one MacBook Pro will have more fun in the end.

Which computer do you use to hang up? Do you have experience with Windows, Mac or even Linux computers? Let us know in the comments below!

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