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The best home remedies for bad smells around the house


Does the drain stink? Do your fingers smell of onions and garlic? Smelly your socks? These home remedies help against unpleasant odors.

Unpleasant smells in the household cannot be avoided. Sometimes the greasy smell of the schnitzel baking wafts through the rooms, then again the refrigerator or the washing machine smells. With these simple Home remedies get rid of unpleasant odor sources quickly:

1. Lemon against onion and garlic odor

A reliable partner in the fight against strong smells Onion hands is Lemon juice. Rub it in your hands well before cooking and leave the kitchen smelling fresh after the work is done. If the cutting knife still smells of onion, you simply pull it through raw carrots.

The fingers stink afterwards garlicthen a mixture will help Lemon juice and salt. Simply rub in briefly and wash off normally with soap. Or you can rub your hands with slightly moistened, ground coffee from. Also milk is a great miracle cure for the smell of garlic. Simply wash your hands with it and the annoying smell is gone.

2. Vinegar and coffee against fatty odor

The schnitzel smells delicious on the plate. Unfortunately not in the kitchen. Become Smell of fat or even want to get rid of burnt food quickly, it is best to use it vinegar: Put up a glass of water with a spoonful of vinegar and let it simmer for a few minutes. You can also add bay leaves, rosemary, lemons or cinnamon sticks to reduce the vinegar smell.

Works just as effectively coffee. When ground, it can simply be sprinkled on the hot plate - this will quickly neutralize the bad smells.

3. Vinegar and lemon against odors in the refrigerator and washing machine

First measure for bad smells from the refrigerator: once all with one Water-vinegar mixture wipe out. The vinegar has an antibacterial effect and prevents the formation of mold. You can then use a bowl for a few days Lemon juice Put in the refrigerator, this should remove any leftover odors permanently. A bowl with a few tablespoons Baking soda or baking powder has the same effect, by the way.

With musty stench from the washing machine, you can citric acid add to a load of laundry. In addition to odors, light limescale deposits are also removed. You should also regularly use the Cooking cycle turn on. This not only removes bacteria from towels and bed linen, it also cleans the washing machine properly.

4. Coffee and vinegar against tobacco and smoke odor

Cigarette smoke settles on carpets, curtains and upholstered furniture, on wallpaper and, last but not least, on clothing in a very short time. A popular home remedy, however, is to bring a couple of bowls with you Coffee beans to set up. However, these should be renewed regularly. Another popular method is to vinegar to boil in a pot with water and then to set up in the smoking room.

5. Soda against smelly socks and sweaty feet

The best remedy for foot and sock odor is Baking soda. It neutralizes the organic acids from the foot sweat and the bacterial multiplication is inhibited. Put half a spoonful of baking soda into the socks, give the socks a quick shake and put them on. The feet stay dry, odor cannot arise in the first place. Alternatively, you can also use a Soda solution Spray from 250 ml of water and a tablespoon of baking soda. Soda is also effective when put directly into the shoes.

Regular Foot baths With Baking soda or coarse-grained sea salt (dissolve two tablespoons in hot water) also help with foot odor. Sage also has an antiperspirant effect and is suitable as a bath additive. Just a handful Sage leaves Pour hot water over it, let it steep for a few minutes and bathe your feet in it for at least a quarter of an hour.

6. Vinegar essence and baking soda against smelly drains

Leftover food, grease and other deposits create unpleasant odors in drains. This is where it helps Baking soda. Pour four teaspoons down the drain and add half a cup of vinegar or vinegar essence. Place a damp cloth over it and let the mixture work for ten minutes. Finally, add about a liter of hot water. In addition to eliminating odors, this method also helps against clogged drains.

7. Washing powder against vacuum cleaner exhaust air, sulfur for toilets

If the vacuum cleaner leaves an uncomfortable odor, then a simple trick will help: just do a little before vacuuming laundry detergent suck in - then the house smells wonderfully of fresh laundry. Alternatively, you can use the filter on your vacuum cleaner with a bit Perfume or aromatic oil drizzle.

The unavoidable thick air in the toilet can be easily and quickly removed by magic: two to three matches light up, done. The stinking smell is masked by the burned sulfur and thus perfumed.

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