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14 things you shouldn't do at 30

What you should better stay in your life when you are approaching 30 or have already passed the magic number:

1. Join every trend

Nobody says that when you get older, you have to dress boringly. But that doesn't mean that at the age of 30 you still have to squeeze into every trendy item just because it's in. Adieu, little girl pink candy world clothes! From now on we only wear things that suit us - no matter what the trend says.

2. Consume without meaning or understanding

And there is one more thing you should think about when you go shopping: Do you have to buy everything just because it's cheap? How and under what conditions is what I buy manufactured? And aren't second-hand clothes and swap sites much more useful? Question the things you buy and also ask yourself: Do I really need all of this? Most of it is already at home at that age.

3. Use funny abbreviations of words

LOL, hopping emoticons and puking unicorns. Punctuation marks? Does not have to be. Grammar? Dispensable. Well, that's probably fun at first, but sooner or later it secretly spoils your writing style and the ability to express yourself in full sentences. Until at some point you catch yourself saying "Hey, dude, Ikea?" says. At 30 you should be out of the SMS-LOL-Bussel language at some point.

4. Munch on fast food

Give in to the craving for a burger and a few fries while you're on the go? Wipe your mouth with ketchup-smeared hands while trying to keep the crumbly halves of the burger bun from falling on the floor? Too often one should not indulge in this dubious pleasure, because the fatty food is neither good for the figure nor for the health. You should have two or three home-cooked dishes by the age of 30, right?

5. Shut up when you're supposed to be saying something

Someone is being treated unfairly and you can see it first hand? Where in the past you might have looked the other way because you were insecure and fearful yourself, you should open your mouth and say something. Even if a friend clearly has hair-raising opinions that offend others, you can openly express your opinion. There are situations in which one can no longer remain silent. At the latest by the age of 30 you have enough self-confidence!

6. Arguing on social networks

The long expressions of feelings and opinions in social networks have long since become a bad habit. Often it's not even about the matter anymore, but rather about profiling yourself, attacking others, insulting them and portraying them as idiots. Questionable. Shouldn't.

7. Behave like a princess

For a long time you've been daddy's darling, baby boy, mum's best, little girl, princess. But you cannot carry on this role forever in your life. At the latest outside of the family, when it comes to standing on your own two feet and living independently, you can really no longer mimic the lovely princess. At 30 you should have found your place in life and know where you stand and who you are. This should rarely have anything to do with princess behavior.

8. Fall asleep with makeup on

You actually know since you were 20, but it still didn't change the fact that you fell into bed with full (make-up) gear after the party. It was okay too, because the next day you didn't look totally swollen. The only problem is that at 30, that changes at some point and your skin doesn't thank you for not removing make-up in the evening and treating it to night care to regenerate. So be nice to her.

9. Want a perfect body

Anyone who is annoyed at the first wrinkles at the age of 30 and rants loudly about any cosmetic corrections, be it the small botox injection or liposuction, should better keep their beautiful, unoperated mouth shut. Anyone who worries about the deterioration of the perfect body at that age apparently has no other problems. It is the way of things that you get older and the appearance also shows your age. You are 30 and fabulous the way you are!

10. Be friends with benefits or mingle

You search and try, you fail and you win - love in your 20s is sometimes like gambling. But if you are slowly approaching 30, then you should give up the wild trying and acting out at some point and look for someone with whom you can imagine more than bondage games and a bit of distraction.

11. Don't care about your body

Yes, the body. As long as it looks perfect and works great, everything is fine. But health is not God-given and can sometimes be risked. So don't start smoking when you are 30, quit sport because of all the job stress and mutate into a couch potato. Even if you still feel in top shape, you should treat your body to a few strokes now. Be it good nutrition, more sleep, less excess and alcohol, but more time off, working out during sport and good sex. Doesn't sound that unattractive, does it?

12. Not caring about what is happening in the world

For a time in your life you are certainly only preoccupied with yourself. Who am I, where do I want to go, what do I dream of? But with all of these questions, a little bit of attention should and still needs to be there for the rest of the world. You should find out what is happening in the world, vote (!), Form an opinion and just look outside the box of your little life.

13. Take the cell phone to bed with you

Anyone who can hardly part with their cell phone and really takes it everywhere with them should hit themselves on the fingers at some point. Next to the pillow at night and even when you go to the toilet? One should ask oneself what important date one is waiting for at the moment. Especially since you hardly want to call Hollywood or the dream man in the toilet, right?

14. Read only trash

At school there were Goethe, Trakl and Kafka. And today? Could it be that your reading workload is limited to Facebook, emails and bad trash novels? Maybe the newest Harry Potter, but that's about it. Then think about which literature you should have read in your life, make a list and start working through the list. Every now and then a little more work for the gray matter looks good on all of us. Mind is sexy. Make something of it!

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