What holidays can I give gifts to people

Gifts & Holidays

Whether it's a birthday, Christmas, Easter - even on these days there is always a lot of garbage.
How can you avoid it?
We have collected a few ideas for you. If you still have some, feel free to comment under the posts or write to us!

Wrap gifts without rubbish
- reused and reusable -
Here come a lot of ideas and pictures of how you can wrap gifts in such a way that you can reuse the packaging. You do not necessarily have to buy this packaging new, you can also continue to use what you already have. That saves the environment and your wallet. Continue reading

Give something different -
Gifts beyond material consumption

A few suggestions on how to make great gifts with help, time instead of stuff, experience and learning

The forgotten garbage -
The packaging waste of the gift packaging
You are not really aware of it, but the conventional gift packaging draws a rat tail out of packaging waste. To think about
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Children's birthday

We started with Zero Waste in 2014 and the first children's birthday party was right away.
What do you do with giveaways, invitation cards, prizes, etc.?
How our daughter celebrated it and what we did so that as little waste as possible is created, you can find out in our article:
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Make gift bags yourself - instructions
- very easy upcycling -You can actually use gift bags all year round, provided you like to give gifts :-). You can always take these bags back. Any paper that is reasonably tear-resistant is suitable for this.
In this case, we stole our grandma's wolves calendar from last year and it got a new function. (Reusing - a pillar of zero waste)
The children took part. From preschool age, this works wonderfully with a little guidance. And now you can guess how grandma’s birthday present will be wrapped ! manual

Easter without garbage
An Easter bunny wrapped in aluminum in the fork of the tree, the beautifully wrapped little chocolate egg on the window ledge ... all packaging waste. And we want to save that on Easter as well. Does the Easter egg hunt fail if you buy the sweets in bulk? No she does not. Reusing, a rule of zero waste, makes it possible to use medium-sized eggs. Continue reading

Zero waste baking
- the baking ingredients -
People like to bake a lot on birthdays or before Christmas. Baking powder, orange flavor, lemon peel, vanilla sugar, nuts - everything is only available packaged in the supermarket. When baking, there is a mountain of outer packaging.
At least it is easier when it comes to nuts and dried fruits if you have an unpackaged shop on site.
But even a lot of these stores don't have all of the baking ingredients like baking soda in their dispensers. But the raw materials, if necessary. to make the baking ingredients yourself. You can find out how this works, what options people have without an unpackaged store, in today's article. Continue reading

Reusable napkins
- great folded for every occasion
Paper napkins belong in the general waste after use. Just like paper handkerchiefs. If they are so dirty, they are no longer suitable for recycling and are incinerated. The problem is that we use far more wood and paper than can be regrown as raw materials. Unfortunately, the trend is increasing. We have been using cloth napkins for a number of years. You can wash them and use them again and again. Is that boring because then you don't have any colorful motifs? Then take a look how great you can fold them for every occasion. Continue reading

The advent calendar -
Alternatives to the disposable product

with lots of beautiful, sometimes unusual, little things to give away. They don't even have to cost anything.

Are you allowed to refuse gifts?
That is difficult to answer in general terms. Sometimes very clearly "yes".
Sometimes you quarrel with the "no".
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