What is your health mantra

The 100 best mantras for every area of ​​life (+ PDF to print)

Do you have a life mantra?

Or do you want to know what a mantra is and how it works?

In this article I will explain to you in a simple and understandable way:

  • what mantras are
  • how and why they work
  • and how to find your personal mantra

I have also put together 100 particularly powerful mantras for you from the 10 most important areas of life ...

Table of Contents

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What are mantras actually?

A mantra is a small saying, a positive sentence or just a single word that you repeat out loud or in your mind ...

Mantras have been used for millennia to help create a positive state of mind and focus on one's goals.

In Hinduism and Buddhism in particular, mantras are used in prayers and are often sung, as the regular rhythm of the singing increases the effect.

In this country too, mantras - also called affirmations - are becoming increasingly popular.

But what effect do mantras actually have?

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What do mantras do?

Mantras are very powerful. They will help you ...

So mantras have a very positive effect on you and your life!

But how does it work, what is the secret behind these sentences and sayings?

Is it all nonsense or what? How mantras really work

Mantras have a very powerful effect. However, I used to think:

"What is that supposed to achieve? Just because I say a few nice sayings to myself doesn't make my life any better! "

Fortunately, I've now understood how effective these mantras can be if you get involved ...

How exactly mantras work, I want to explain to you with this diagram:

Every thought creates a path in your brain. The more you think the same thought, the wider this path in your head becomes.

Since your brain is a really lazy sock and likes to go the most comfortable way, it of course prefers to use the broad ways, i.e. the usual thoughts.

What does that mean in concrete terms for you and your life?

Very easily:

If you often have negative thoughts (such as worries, self-doubt, fears, anger, etc.), then the paths to them in your head become wider and wider.

That means: Your brain uses these paths more and more often. In other words, your negative thoughts / worries / fears / doubts etc. become MORE.

The problem with it: Negative thoughts lead to a negative life, as the following diagram shows very well:

Now the big quiz question:

How do we change this now? How do we manage to have more happy, joyful, confident, empowering and positive thoughts so that our lives become happier, happier and more positive?

Here comes the answer:

You have to create new paths in your brain. "Positive" ways!

But as you have already seen in the first diagram, it is unfortunately of no use to just think a positive thought once or twice. You have to think it often and repeat it often so that the path in your head widens and your brain thinks in these structures more often.

And that's exactly what mantras will help you with!

How to best use mantras in everyday life

No fear:

You don't have to meditate for hours every day and sing your mantra to yourself ...

You can use mantras at any time on the side in everyday life, for example when driving or cleaning your apartment.

By the way, did you know that up to 90% of your thoughts repeat themselves over and over again? So you have - without even realizing it - mantras in your head all your life anyway. Most of the time, however, these are more negative than positive and consciously selected.

And that's exactly what we're changing now!

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How to find your personal mantra

Using mantras is basically very simple. However, so that they can develop their full effect, I recommend the following procedure:

  1. Focus on ONE area of ​​life that you want to improve (there is no point trying to change all areas of life at the same time. When you renovate your house, you also start with ONE room ... Below you will find mantra examples from 10 different areas of life.)
  2. Pick out ONE mantra that you like spontaneously (also applies here: less is more. Think about your brain: wanting to create 5 paths at the same time is more strenuous and takes longer than focusing on ONE path.)
  3. Repeat your mantra several times a day (You can say it out loud or think quietly to yourself. You can also sing it, then it will be even stronger - more on this in the next section.)

Frequent repetition is the be-all and end-all of mantras! And most of the time, that's where most people fail. They think about their mantra for 1-2 days, but then forget about it.

So that this doesn't happen to YOU, here are some tips and tricks that help me to remember my mantra every day ...

How to make your mantra work for you every day

The more you think about your mantra, the faster it works.

In the beginning, you should repeat the same mantra for about 30 days. Because only after about 30 days is a new path in your brain so wide that it can be used reliably. Then your thoughts take this path automatically without you consciously thinking about it.

However, if you stop your mantra after 5 or 10 days, your brain will immediately revert to old (negative) thought paths and your mantra will not work.

So in the beginning you have to actively remember your mantra again and again.

The following tricks will help you think about your mantra more often and anchor it in your brain faster:

  1. Visualize the mantra: The best memories are still those good old sticky notes that you can distribute anywhere in your home or at work. Or you can use the modern version and save your mantra as a background image or as a recurring reminder on your mobile phone.
  2. Sing mantra: Have you ever had a song or a melody as a catchy tune? Then you know it's hard to get rid of. You can use this principle when you chant your mantra. It doesn't matter whether you sing out loud or just in your mind. Should you have a catchy tune anyway, just use your mantra as the text for this melody ...
  3. Write mantra: You can also write your mantra by hand several times a day. By writing, you use several areas of the brain and the new path of thought in your head emerges faster.
  4. Paint mantra: Combine your mantra with the meditative effect of mandalas. Painting mandalas is calming and relaxed and if you think, recite or sing your mantra at the same time, it will anchor itself in your head in record time. Here you will find a few mandalas to print out and draw on: Mantra mandalas

So, now you are equipped with all the information and tips and the only thing you are missing now are your mantras.

In the next point I have put together 100 powerful mantras for you - there is something for every area of ​​life:

The large mantra collection: 100 powerful mantras for every area of ​​life

Here it is: My collection of the 100 best mantras, positive sayings and affirmations from 10 areas of life:

Mantras for more self-love

  1. I am worth something
  2. I am unique
  3. Just be yourself
  4. Live your life because you only live once
  5. Do it for you
  6. I myself am the blacksmith of my own fortune
  7. Live your life the way you want
  8. I love myself for who I am
  9. I deserve to be good to myself
  10. You are the most important person in your life

Mantras for inner strength and self-confidence

  1. I am enough
  2. I am strong
  3. Whoever follows in the footsteps of others leaves no trace
  4. Be a role model
  5. I can do this
  6. Challenges make you strong
  7. I can handle any situation
  8. I don't care what others think of me
  9. I believe in myself
  10. I have the power to change the world

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Mantras for maximum motivation

  1. Doesn't work, doesn't exist
  2. The route is the goal
  3. Sometimes you win and sometimes you learn
  4. If it doesn't work, try something else
  5. Today is the beginning of the rest of your life
  6. Anything is better than doing nothing
  7. No time means: other things are more important to me
  8. Repetition is the mother of mastery
  9. If you want to change the world, you have to start with yourself
  10. Keep moving

Mantras for a happy and positive life

  1. smile
  2. Always make the best of it
  3. Live each day as if it were your last
  4. Life is as you see it
  5. Whoever thinks to be something has ceased to become something
  6. The more things you have, the more things have you
  7. The expectations of others are the expectations of others
  8. Happiness follows decisiveness
  9. Be playful
  10. Whoever has stopped dreaming has stopped living

Mantras for success and prosperity

  1. I've done a lot already
  2. I celebrate my successes
  3. Do not dream your life, live your dream
  4. Success is achieved by doing what he loves
  5. No half things
  6. Whenever you do anything, ask yourself whether it makes sense
  7. I deserve to be prosperous
  8. Money is good
  9. I deserve to be successful
  10. Do what you do with devotion and love

Mantras for instant serenity

  1. Take it easy
  2. Stay cool
  3. The strenght is to be found in serenity
  4. Live and let live
  5. I breathe in calm and serenity
  6. Nobody’s perfect
  7. Don't get upset, there is always something more important in life
  8. Watch
  9. Judge, compare, evaluate nothing
  10. Let's see what happens

Mantras for better health

  1. I breathe life energy
  2. I am healthy and strong
  3. I feel fit and vital
  4. Since it's good for my health, I've decided to be happy
  5. I am grateful for my body
  6. I live a healthy and balanced life
  7. I pay attention to my needs
  8. I give my body what it needs
  9. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body
  10. My body is a miracle

Mantras for happier relationships

  1. My family is good for me
  2. As you call into the forest, it echoes out
  3. Honesty is the best
  4. Live and love
  5. All people are lovable
  6. Laughter doesn't cost anything, so give it to everyone
  7. Nobody is there to make me happy
  8. I attract people into my life who are good for me
  9. love is everything
  10. All of my relationships are wonderful

Mantras for difficult times

  1. Life goes on
  2. It is like it is
  3. Everything will be fine
  4. time heals all wounds
  5. Every experience is good
  6. Act instead of complaining
  7. All pain is non-acceptance of what is
  8. Everything is relative
  9. Behind every cloud the sky is blue
  10. Crises are opportunities

Mantras for more courage

  1. Where there is fear, there is the way
  2. Nobody can take away what you experience
  3. Where there is a will, there's a way
  4. No risk, no fun
  5. The here and now is all there is
  6. You grow or you die
  7. It can always get worse - enjoy the moment
  8. Nothing ventured nothing gained
  9. Every hurdle can be overcome
  10. The fear is only in your head

Well, there was definitely something for you, right?

You can of course also come up with your own mantras.

There is one thing you should keep in mind:

A mantra should always be formulated POSITIVE!

You can formulate a mantra in the I-form or the you-form. Just take what you like better and what appeals to you more.

You can also use single words as a mantra. Just listen to your feelings and try out which mantra feels good for you ...

Bonus: Summary plus the 100 mantras as PDF for free download

Mantras are little sayings that can change your life insanely.

Pick a mantra from the upper areas of life and repeat it daily. The tips and tricks mentioned for sticking to it will help you with this.

Here are also the 100 life mantras to print out:

Download it, print it out, cut out your favorite mantra and stick it somewhere you can see it every day, for example on the mirror in the bathroom or on your PC in the office.

As soon as you have successfully anchored this mantra in your head and feel its positive effect, you can also choose another mantra and then use this for yourself.

PS: Here are again the mantra mandalas for printing and coloring: Mantra mandalas templates

I wish you a lot of fun and success with the mantras!

PPS: Extra tip for bad times:

Keep the pieces of paper with the mantras somewhere where you always have them to hand, for example in your bedside table.

If you feel bad, for example after a defeat ... or you have a depressed day, where your mood and your self-confidence have slipped for miles - get the notes out! Read them through, one at a time! Also several times.

I guarantee that you will feel much better immediately afterwards and that you will continue the day with new positive energy!

By the way, you can find more great sayings and wisdom here:

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and here:

450 life wisdom - pure inspiration!

And if you really want to get started, then get the self-confidence strengthening - complete set. It contains all the important trains of thought for a self-confident life and supplemented with practical exercises for everyday life. Check it out here and start right now!