What is the best souvenir from Taipei

The best of Taipei: sights & insider tip tour

Your first "bubble tea" should be something very special - and on this tour your private host can show you where you can get the best in town. And you can also visit a Feng Shui inspired temple, a beautiful art park and an authentic market.

Visit the sights of Taipei such as the stunning Chiang Kai-shek National Memorial Hall with all its spectacular pomp. You will also discover some hidden gems that only the locals know, such as: B. the reflex zone park, where you can walk on pebbles to improve your well-being. Your host can tell you the stories behind all of these places and there are delicious local snacks along the way.

In the temple you can admire images of lions and dragons carved in stone. Stroll where locals worship agricultural gods and watch them bring them food and flowers for good luck. Your host can tell you about the Confucian principles that guided the design of the Taoist temple.

The market is where you can try the foods the locals love: exotic vegetables, fresh and dried meats, amazing seafood, cooked foods, baked goods, dried fruits & more. The sellers are happy to offer you samples, especially of the dried fruit. What is your favorite? The mango or the roselle?

The local hosts on your private tour are all great storytellers and can't wait to share unique insights with you. Ask as many questions as you want - your private host is a true local and will give you great tips on how to make the most of your time in Taipei, including using the subway and renting public subway bikes.

Would you like to have your private experience tailor-made? No problem, your host can design the tour according to your wishes. Watch the videos and choose the host you like the most. And then enjoy Taipei like a local.