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Search engine advertising, SEA or search engine advertising simply explained

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What is search advertising? What is SEA or Search Engine Advertising?

Search engine advertising (English: Search engine advertising short SEA) is part of the Search engine marketing. The Search engine advertising includes advertisements (text ads) in search engines such as Google, Yandex, Baidu, Oath (Yahoo) and Bing. The campaigns are controlled based on booked keywords.

Overview: Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine advertising or. Search engine advertising is also equated with by experts in German-speaking countries SEMwhich is not entirely correct according to the official definition. SEM is the abbreviation for Search Engine Marketing in German Search engine marketingwhich the sub-areas SEO and SEA includes.

SEA is also known as Search engine advertising, Keyword advertising or Sponsored links denotes and stands for the placing of text ads in search engines. In addition to the topic-related switching via keywords is also regional SEA possible via location-based placement of text ads at campaign level.

In addition, some further explanations in a guest post (definition dispute about SEM, search engine advertising and SEA) at t3n:

The term SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing So in German search engine marketing. If you look at the definition of the term marketing, then advertising is only a sub-area and thus the equation marketing = advertising would not be correct. Accordingly, the equation search engine advertising = search engine marketing cannot be entirely correct.

If you are now looking for an offline counterpart to SEO or search engine optimization, you can see similarities to PR work. And PR, in the broadest sense, is part of marketing. So why shouldn't SEO be part of search engine marketing?

Search engine advertising as a pull marketing method

Just like search engine optimization (SEO), SEA is a pull marketing method.

SEA Search Engine Advertsing





Search engine shares worldwide

Search engine shares USA

Search engine shares in Germany

Google Ads

The system Google Adsof the search engine provider that can almost be described as a monopoly with a market share of over 90% in German-speaking countries Google is the prototype and mandatory system. With regard to the German-speaking area, the systems of e.g. Yahoo rather a supporting role. You will see how Bing stands up against the overwhelming competitor Google can claim.

In addition to Google search, the Google search network includes platforms such as T-Online, Web.de, Chip Online, OnVista, Focus Online etc. Yahoo, AltaVista, GMX, RTL-Gruppe etc.

It also offers Google Display Network the possibility Text ads, Image banner, Display Ads and even Video Ads To place thematically via the Ads system on various small to medium-sized niche websites, but also on large websites. Since this goes beyond the search engines, this form of advertising is more likely to be classified as bannering or PPC advertising.

Oath Advertising Solutions

Oath formerly Yahoo is the third most popular search engine in the US and worldwide. The associated advertising system is Oath Advertising Solutions.

Bing Ads

Bing is the third most popular search engine in the US and worldwide. The associated advertising system is Bing Ads.

Yandex Direct and Baidu Tuiguang

Baidu is the most popular search engine for the Chinese market. The associated advertising system is Baidu Tuiguang. Yandex is the most popular search engine in Russia. The associated advertising system is Yandex direct.

Frequently asked questions about search engine advertising (SEA)

What billing models are there for search engine advertising?

Search engine advertising, SEA or search engine advertising is usually billed on the basis of cost per click or pay per click (PPC).

Which providers are there for search engine advertising?

With Google, Bing, Oath (Yahoo), Yandex and Baidu, there is a multitude of providers for sum machine advertising. Google as a search engine has an average global market share of over 80%. In Germany, Google's market share is over 90%. Accordingly, Google Ads is by far the most influential SEA system.

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