What does home insurance cover

Risks, objects and damage in household insurance

Which items are insured with the contents insurance, which damage and risks are covered? We list what the insurance covers and what does not.

This is insured through the contents insurance

Household contents insurance, along with personal liability insurance, is one of the most important insurances in the private sector, because often - even if you wouldn't suspect this at first glance - a large part of the assets are in the household. Fire damage, triggered for example by electrical devices or the Advent wreath, the break-in and theft of high-quality furnishings or destroyed furniture due to water damage can quickly destroy enormous values. The contents insurance reimburses you for the damage to your contents in such cases at the current replacement value of the destroyed items.

The following items in your household are insured:

  • Furnishings such as furniture, carpets, pictures and curtains
  • Utensils such as household appliances, books, clothing and computers
  • Consumables such as food and beverages

The household insurance covers the following damage:

  • Fire, lightning, explosion and implosion
  • Burglary, robbery and vandalism
  • Tap water, pipe damage, frost damage
  • Storm and hail

The following damage and risks are also insured for a surcharge:

  • Damage caused by gross negligence
  • Overvoltage damage from lightning strike
  • Bicycle theft
  • Glass breakage damage to furniture and building glazing
  • Glass ceramic cooking surfaces
  • Water leaks from aquariums
  • Damage caused by natural forces from floods, landslides and avalanches
  • Scorch damage: Damage that was not caused by an open fire but, for example, by a smoldering cigarette
  • Simple theft of garden furniture, strollers and wheelchairs
  • Burglary from a car
  • Study rooms that are used exclusively for commercial purposes

This is not insured through the home contents insurance

The following damage is generally excluded from insurance cover:

  • Damage caused willfully
  • Simple theft damage by sneaking into the apartment or fraud
  • Damage from nuclear energy
  • Damage caused by war events, civil unrest or earthquakes

Should you have any further questions on the subject of household insurance or beyond, we will of course be happy to help you - because whether building finance or installment credit: We are very familiar with financial matters.

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