What does it mean to enjoy life

Enjoy life - 8 tips how it works today

The enjoy life it is becoming increasingly difficult for us to be able to

Do you know that, too?

We rush from one appointment to another and often get stressed even in our free time.

With all the hectic pace, we can rarely really enjoy life.

I think you will agree with me when I say ...

Actually, life is there to be enjoyed.

Not later or after retirement, rather now - and without that you yourself would have to earn just like that.

Otherwise you will postpone happiness until the end of your life - and that would be more than a shame.

So learn in this article how you can enjoy your life more again.

Not tomorrow, not in 3 months, not after the promotion, but now - and most importantly, without feeling guilty.

So read on quickly and learn my 8 immediately applicable tips to enjoy your life more.

Table of Contents: This is what awaits you in this article

Why you can only enjoy life now

What we easily forget with all the striving for more, the hunt for experiences and success, The life now to savor.

Because if we're honest is the present moment of only moment where we can enjoy life.

If we set out to enjoy it in 3 months, then so will be now. So why not right away?

Even if hundreds of voices are still shouting in your head: "Yes, but I still have to ..."

In truth, you don't have to. Realizing this is the first and most important step.

Mindfulness - the way to enjoy your life more

How often do we devour food prepared with love thoughtless down while we scroll through the latest photos of Kim Kardshian on the phone?

How often do we ignore the beauty of nature, because we are completely lost in thought about our annoying job.

How often do we miss small, interpersonal moments, because we walk through this world completely withdrawn and carelessly?

To enjoy your life more, open yourself to him. Be careful. Be there.

This energizes and leads to more joie de vivre.

By the way, you can find 37 exciting mindfulness exercises here.

Basis: Taking yourself seriously

In order to enjoy life more, you need to give yourself more importance first.

We often give every small appointment and every unimportant task a higher priority, than our needs.

Clearly raise your priorities for yourself and for an enjoyable life.

Make you and your wellbeing the most important thing in your life.

Stand by yourself, take your needs seriously and above all, do them regularly. This is the basis for to be able to enjoy life.

Find out what you can enjoy

Next find out what you can even enjoy. Many people go crazy for wellness holidays and massages. You also?

If not, that's no big deal. Everyone likes something different. But find out for yourself and then do just that.

No matter what other people enjoy. Try out a lot of things and see what is really good for you.

Make the conscious decision to enjoy

Bringing more enjoyment into your life is first and foremost a decision. You choose to you and against all the other, unimportant stuff.

Many people find it difficult to make this decision consciously. They hope that one day there will just be more time available.

But it won't work that way.

There is always something to do. You must therefore make a very conscious decision to take the time now and use it to do something good for yourself.

By the way, you can make this decision now and not when you have a little more time;)

8 ways to enjoy your life more

1. Celebrate the little moments

First, create little moments for yourself to enjoy.

  • Take 30 seconds of work to close your eyes, take deep breaths, and think about nothing
  • Prepare a hearty breakfast on Sunday morning and enjoy it for hours.
  • Enjoy the moment when you come out of the cold into your warm, homely apartment.

2. Take care of yourself lovingly

We often rush through our everyday lives. Everything is on autopilot. Stand up. Take a shower. Brush teeth. Have breakfast - and again the next day.

But you can enjoy every single step - by taking it mindfully.

Feel how the shower water feels on your skin. Enjoy the fact that you are taking care of your teeth. Smell the delicious scent of coffee in the morning and taste your delicious muesli.

So you can use your everyday life to live much more mindfully and enjoyably.

3. Celebrate enjoyable idleness

In Germany in particular, many people seem to have fallen victim to the mistaken belief that one should enjoy oneself earn first.

"If I wasn't a good boy, if I tried really hard and achieved something extraordinary, then I don't deserve enjoyment."

This is bullshit.

The most important rule for true enjoyment is: "You don't have to earn it."

Enjoy it just like that, without justification, without “But I have to go first”.

That might feel strange at first. But that's only because you're not used to it. Give it a little time and it will become second nature.

4. Let go

We can't enjoy life because we don't let gocan.

What we hold on to:

  • The thought of having to do something first
  • The feeling of wasting time
  • The urge to want to control everything

We hold onto hundreds of things that make life difficult for us. If we want to enjoy more, there is no way around letting go.

If you let go of what burdens you and bring more of what is good for you into your life, you will soon be able to enjoy it a lot more.

5. Treat yourself to something every day

Treating yourself to beautiful things from the heart has a lot to do with self-love. Many people abstain from even that the smallest, beautiful things because they don't think they deserve it.

If you want to enjoy your life more, then treat yourself to more. It doesn't have to be expensive, by the way.

  • The delicious scoop of ice cream on a warm summer day
  • The nice new wallet (which replaces the 10 year old, worn wallet)
  • The taxi ride home (instead of the rusted bike) when it's pouring rain

P.S. Unfortunately, many people equate “indulging themselves” with regularly damaging their health. "I'm going to treat myself to a fake red wine and a cake with 3kg of sugar."

... and then 4x a week.

That has nothing to do with it indulge to do that is self-destruct.

Sure, the dose makes the poison, but deliberately harming yourself and then claiming to enjoy it is total self-deception.

And just between us: How good are you feeling really after a cigarette or the big piece of cream cake? The short high is followed by a much longer low.

It's absolutely not worth it.

6. Enjoy and celebrate every little achievement

Besides, we're rushing off "Success" to "Success"without enjoying these successes and savoring them to the full.

Small successes do not seem to be enjoyable to us, since we have not yet reached the final destination.

But is there any arriving in life at all? Or does it have more of a travel character? True to the motto: "The route is the goal?"

We can only really experience the feeling of arriving, which we chase after so persistently, in the moment.

For example by sharing our successes now fully savor and enjoy.

7. Live gratitude for small things

We often can't enjoy it because we consider small things unimportant and not enjoyable stamp.

We can only give ourselves permission for a brief moment of enjoyment if we have a especially big, important goal achieved. Preferably bigger and more important than that of others.

So learn to enjoy everyday little things. A brief, friendly eye contact, morning coffee or the fact that the sun is shining.

8. Learn, too "Negative" Pages to enjoy

A slightly more challenging task: Learn, too the negative side of life to enjoy.

Life does not give you always just sunshine and fried chicken doesn't fly into your mouth every day.

Sometimes you get a sour apple too.

But here you have a choice. Do you want to put yourself in the role of victim and Suffer, or find a new way of dealing with these phases of life?

If you learn to give place to negative emotions, to feel them fully and to accept them, then they take on a whole new quality for you.

They are no longer threatening and you no longer have to fight them, you can also relax in their presence - and in the end enjoy them as much as good feelings.

Besides, who knows what the whole thing might have been good for in the end.

Gradually increase

So, my little enjoy life challenge for you: Find at least one thing each day that you consciously enjoy.

Make sure it's something you can enjoy personally.

If you can do that, find one more thing - and then another - and then another.

Do this until you can fully enjoy your life instead of postponing happiness and enjoyment.

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