What do you do every day

Health is important: What do you do every day for your health?Health is important: What do you do every day for your health?

I am the founder of the group. We look forward to you.
Health is much more than the absence of illness!
We are a Neumarkt group in the Upper Palatinate & Environment & Online Group
You are cordially invited to get to know us and support us. Business arises.

The goal for the group:
1. Tips on how to deal with your own health in a targeted manner
2. Of course, alternative therapies can and should continue to be exchanged here as a means of support.
3. Mutual support, motivation and tips for better health. (This also includes a healthy diet. Example work, relationships, meditation, sports, etc.)
4. A newsletter follows once a month.
5. There will also be a marketplace for your own advertising - company presentation of health.
6th XING Group network meetings will also take place. In addition to the network meetings, the idea of ​​implementing this online also occurred to me. When exactly is still being planned and will be communicated in good time.
7. Invitations from experts on various topics.
8. Charity events - something good for others starts on your own doorstep - but doesn't end there!
9. Association for disadvantaged children / young people - families and homeless people.

If you have any questions, suggestions or tips, we are always open to them.
Of course you can also contact me by phone, write an email or reach me via WhatsApp.

Best regards
Johann Missßenich