Stained Italian marble

Marble reproductions by Egger, SapienStone, MCR: the doppelganger

Then as now you love Marble as an element of kitchen and room planning: no rock looks like that noble, filigree and individual and can harmonize with other materials such as Wood, metal and textiles be combined. But marble has its pitfalls. With deceptively real marble reproductions European manufacturers are moving towards this stain-prone material too - or offer that Original with special paint at. Which the three producers is it an option for you? (Photo: SapienStone)



Marble reproductions from EGGER, SapienStone and MCR: 3 approaches to marble

It is not all goldwhat shines. But Neither does marble - Luckily. The extremely elegant stone is currently making a name for itself again in the kitchen, although thanks to its natural marble soft texture completely unsuitable for the heated, rugged everyday kitchen life is. Deceptively real doppelgangers now throw themselves into the race instead and live up to the hype about the material: the Marble reproductions from egger, Sapienstone and n’Stee not only look graceful and high-quality, but convince with theirs resistant properties.

It is particularly exciting the differentiated approach, with which the three manufacturers agree to the Approaching subject marble. While Surface specialist EGGER to a warm, soft one Matt lacquer in marble look sets, prints the Italian ceramics company SapienStone filigree worktops high quality porcelain with the desired marble pattern. The Thuringian stone manufacturer MCR however, it starts with real marble and prepares it spectacularly individual on.

Which of the fascinatingly beautiful Marble reproductions is it an option for you? Clear the stage for that Crossover of nature and craftsmanship.





Marble in the kitchen: the difficult discrepancy between beauty and transience

Before, marble would not have been all of these questions have to put - to Stain resistance, wear and tear or suitability for everyday use. From ancient times to the Renaissance period, marble was considered one of the most valuable rocks to production upscale works of art, including statues as well as the interiors of Royal palaces and churches. Even today, high-gloss marble is often used for walls and floors certain aspirations demonstrated that their legitimacy from the high price of the material relates.

Marble is an extremely exquisite material for Refinement of premises and furniture - and, to put it profanely, like so many other things pure beauty delighted not necessarily suitable for everyday use. These medal one can of course view from two sides: on the one hand it is true that marble a naturally soft stone is ideal for Forms of busts and blocks lets use, but through this inherent Porosity is also prone to being uncomfortable Acid, oil and other paint stainsthat inevitably occur in a kitchen. Also Water, coffee and red wine stains are absorbed and left behind very quickly by the marble surface stubborn marks.





The solution: view stains as unique - or use marble reproductions

The other side of the coin is the tendency of German speaking customers to absolute perfectionthat is not only in the Sunday car ride, but also in dealing with stains in the kitchen precipitates. In other words: in the neighboring one France and the Mediterranean countries marble - and equally sensitive limestone - become whole of course for the production of kitchen worktops, sinks and floors used. Wear and tear and stains are just part of one lived and highly individual patina. Omnipresent signs of use increase the intangible value of an object. Marble is allowed to live.

For those who like the Beauty of marble want to benefit, but not with one unique stain patina be able to befriend, have several European manufacturers a solution in the Reproduction of the beautiful rock found - both from more optical as well as from more haptic View.





Marble reproductions, part 1: EGGER with deceptively real lacquered panels

The name EGGER likely to most end users not necessarily known the company works much more as a supplier for high-quality chipboardthat are used as work surfaces or for floors. That landed only recently Austrian companies but one Surprise success, which is likely to make kitchen buyers more aware of the brand in the future.

EGGER was awarded the German Design Award 2020 in the category "Excellent Product Design Material and Surfaces" For two beautiful marble reproductions excellent that the aesthetic material imitate perfectly and at the same time - a rarity - not polished to a high gloss are, but with the EGGER's own variant "PerfectSense matt" were refined. The “F204 PM Carrara marble white"And" F206 PM Pietra Grigia black“Convince in three ways: the fine veins and crackswho run through marble as a natural stone and so does its surface appearance spectacularly unique make can be found on this lacquered MDF board deceptively real again.

The soft matt feel, with the marble for the first time no longer splendidly high-gloss, rather reserved and noble occurs is generated by a electron beam hardened lacquer surfacethat special abrasion, shock and scratch resistant is and is a velvety soft surface with anti-fingerprint finish having. Can be compared "PerfectSense" Topmatt coating from EGGER with the popular material Fenix.

The award of the German Design Awards However, EGGER also acquired the high quality duo edge as the perfect complement to the marble look. The fine white marble reproduction marked with black veins becomes edged with a black edge in matt lacquer, while the black finish with gray gradient lines an absolutely aesthetic one dark wooden frame made of high quality nut veneer receives. The natural habit of marble is retained in its high quality, but should, according to the manufacturer, be perfecten insensitive to demanding kitchen influences stay.





Marble reproductions, part 2: SapienStone with printed porcelain stoneware

SapienStone has always followed the idea that aesthetic material marble in resistant composition to make it usable for the kitchen end user. The Italian ceramic plate manufacturer is known for high quality porcelain stoneware, which is in the production halls in Italian Castellarano with a exclusive printing process is refined. The Porcelain stoneware sintered under high pressure and extreme temperatures is pressed into a kitchen worktop of the highest hardness, absolutely insensitive to scratches, liquids or heat is. In one complex digital printing process the prepared material is then up to 1.5 mm deep pierced with the desired pattern so that slight scratches in the surface do not appear later Marble reproductions let it close.

By the deceptively real printing processes SapienStone succeeded in the aesthetic opulence of various types of marble and the material is weatherproof for you at the same time everyday use in the kitchen close. The customer can go out classic and exclusive Choose models as well as select contemporary interpreted versions of marble. These include the high quality Calacatta, Pietra Gray and Arabescato-Surfaces from SapienStone as well as the extremely popular one Dark Marquina.





Marble reproductions, part 3: MCR with nStee for absolute individuality

The third approach, yourself to touch marble, could read: all or nothing. In fact, it is Marble Center Römhild (MCR), which even bears the precious stone in its name, not an imitator, but a manufacture that dares to produce the original under special circumstances. Anyone who opts for the exclusive material marble will receive the Natural stone specialists MCR the unadulterated stone - of course highly individual tailored to your own requirements. "nStee“Call the project managers at MCR theirs custom made stone countertops and blocks for the kitchen - which means something like: it's just a stone until we and you make something out of it together.

The exciting offer to the customer consists in the modular configuration of the valuable material, in whose sensitive surface - we remember, marble is a soft material - the stone experts at MCR can even grind in patterns. Whatever you like is possible. In addition to Freely plannable kitchen body with different Frames, fronts, drawers, pull-outs as well as height, depth and width can that incomparable marble one-off a desired refinement can be added, including for example one leather-covered, polished, blasted or branded surface. In order to avoid the susceptible material in the kitchen quick signs of wear to protect it will carefully with a special form of impregnation that needs to be renewed every few years. Anyone who insists on the original must therefore live with the excesses of nature - or with the deceptively real one doppelganger to grab.





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