What is a very German problem

A very German problem

It is a very German problem: The Bundeswehr officer "Adolf Nazimann" (name anonymized by the columnist to protect personal rights), as a speaker for social media (there is something like that in the Bundeswehr), has given right-wing extremists hearts and several times in real life lectures to right-wing extremists held. Something like that is actually normal in a troop that is mainly considered to be denazified, because after the lost war of extermination it was only built up by the C celebrities of the Nazi empire instead of the A-. But since a few individual cases of structural Nazism are cropping up too many in several German state organs, the Bundeswehr also becomes active and "investigates" the man at one point.

And then of course the officer in the “Spiegel” interview chooses a very German defense: a magic formula with which even his predecessors, who had accidentally liked swastikas for twelve years, reliably escaped the “Nazi accusation”: “I was perhaps naive, but I'm not a right-wing extremist. «Brilliant! He's so naive, the poor guy, that he doesn't even know for sure whether he was naive when he loved right-wing extremists, but one thing he knows for sure: He's definitely not right-wing extremists!

Naivety is one of the prettiest concepts in human thought. Naivety is stupidity - but kind of nice. Because naivety is first of all a concept for explaining the next generation and defending their behavior. The child's stupidity (and it is obvious - for example, ask a two-year-old for a solution to the Riemann hypothesis, one will be happy if he can pronounce "Riemann" correctly at all!) Is forgivable, because it does not exist in the child only hope, but mostly certainty that something will still be learned. And even better: Not only is childish stupidity seen as forgivable, it is often rated as cute and rewarded.

Naivety is also meanness - but hidden behind the child schema. Because children sometimes pull the shovel over the head of another child out of pure greed for something or just do it to see what reaction it triggers, the little psychopaths. And so that human parents do not have to constantly report such criminal behavior, at some point in human history - albeit surprisingly late - it was agreed that children are innocent per se. After all, it is a noble task to make children into people.

Traditionally, this is done reasonably reliably, but mostly with girls almost everywhere. Boys, on the other hand, are usually allowed to keep swinging shovels and just be boys. Then at some point they will become Bundeswehr officers, replace the shovels with tools of murder and look for enemies on whom they would like to try out the new toy. But if they do it too conspicuously hateful, they sometimes have to apologize and become the child they never stopped being again. "Naivety!" They shout, because they don't want to be stupid and of course they don't want to stand by what they have done.

It's an amazing instrument because it's so obviously perfidious. Not only should no adult, especially no soldier, voluntarily stylize themselves as an ignorant child; on top of that, the love for the child, which constitutes humanity, is devalued. Something that real Germans have to like. So naivety is obviously one of the most powerful concepts of mankind, and if there had never been German soldiers, one might even find it beautiful without hesitation.

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