How lazy is the US government

The Trump family first fell publicly under suspicion of racism in 1973. At that time, the Justice Department sued Donald Trump's father Fred's real estate company for allegedly refusing to let people out because of "their race and skin color". Donald Trump sharply rejected that at the time. The court followed him.

In 1991 the book "Trumped!", Which is critical of Trump, was published. In it, an ex-Trump casino manager, John R. O'Donnell, recalls Trump complaining about the state of affairs in the finance departments of his Plaza and Castle casinos in Atlantic City: "I have black people who make my money Count in Trump Castle and Trump Plaza! I hate that. "

Trump is particularly bad at one employee. "I think the guy is lazy. And that's probably not his fault, because laziness is part of the character of blacks. It is like that. I believe that. It's not something they can control."

That was a long time ago, sure. And it is not unequivocally proven that these statements were made that way. At the time, Trump had initially stated that what O'Donnell was writing was "probably correct". He later took that back.

But Trump leaves little doubt that he still ticks that way today.

The political direction of the Trump administration is also clear. Over 300,000 people from Haiti, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Honduras are expected to lose their protection under the TPS program by the summer. Although their home countries are far from safe.

The fact that there is still no "Muslim Ban" that Trump promised in the election campaign is solely due to the courts, which have banned all discrimination on religious grounds.

And the Daca program, which protects around 800,000 people who were brought to the United States as children from deportation, was brought to an end in the fall. Now he supposedly wants to save the program with a "law of love". He combines this with the barely acceptable conditions that his wall with Mexico be financed, the green card lottery abolished and family reunification ended.

In the recent election campaign in Alabama, Trump supported the bitter immigration opponent Roy Moore. He then narrowly lost the election to the senator.

One of the main drivers behind this policy is his tough advisor Stephen Miller, who, like Trump, got on very well with the ultra-right populist Steve Bannon. The fact that this is no longer the case is not because Miller and Trump's political approach has become too radical. It's because Bannon described Trump's daughter Ivanka as "stupid as a brick" in a recent book.

The open question remains: is Trump a racist? The Republican Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen from Florida has a clear stance after Trump's "shithole" comment: "If that's not racism, then I don't know how racism can be defined."