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Well-paid jobs without training 2019 - the top 10

Table of Contents

  1. Professional politician
  2. Entrepreneur
  3. promoter
  4. programmer
  5. Sales representative
  6. Garbage collector
  7. Assembly assistants
  8. Real estate agent
  9. Manufacturing aid
  10. Professional drivers

1. Professional politician

Are you good at talking, do you like to make decisions and are you interested in politics? Then you should consider Career in politics close. The Professional politician is currently one of the highest paid professions 2019 at all. In theory, you do not need an apprenticeship or a degree for this. If you make it to the German Bundestag, you can not only take part in important decisions and express your opinion in front of the big politicians of the federal government, but you can also get really decent pay. As Member of the Bundestag do you get one Membership allowance of 10,083.47 gross per month. (Status: August 2019) There are also Bahncard 100, money for a second home, office supplies and a pension.

2. Entrepreneur

If you don't like a job, just create your own! With a brilliant idea and a good business model, you can become and become your own boss start your own company. Your salary will then be based on the success of your company. Alternatively, you can also use a Franchise operation get in and run your own company under the name of a big brand. Here is that Average gross salary at 51,000 to 84,000 euros per year

3. Promoter

Promoting is actually a classic student job, but good money can be earned here in the professional field. There is no regular training. But it would be an advantage if you were in the area marketing and advertisement know something. You also have to be good at approaching people and being good at selling. As a promoter, you can get one Starting salary averaging up to 3500 euros go out monthly. With further training and certain projects you can even earn up to 5000 euros gross per month.

4. Programmer

Do you master the language of computers like your own mother tongue and would you like to make programming your job? You don't necessarily need an apprenticeship or a degree for this. It is also possible as a career changer as a programmer To gain a foothold. Well-developed computer skills are a must here. You may have deepened this through certified further training. Programmers are currently in great demand and that's why I'm waving for you average salary of around 39,000 to 58,000 euros bgross per year.

5. Sales Representative

Salespeople are mostly at the core of any business because they ultimately have to sell the company's goods or services. To as Sales representative To work, you should have business knowledge, a feel for the market situation, customers and product and be good with people. The salary of a salesperson is included 30,000 to 45,000 euros gross per yearwhich can be increased by commissions.

6. Garbage collector

As a garbage collector, or colloquially a garbage collector, you can expect a really good salary. That he to the well paid jobs with no training matters, could be because garbage disposal is probably not a dream job for many. However, getting up early must be easy for you, because as a garbage collector you are out and about in the early hours of the morning to empty the bins of the population. Although you do not need any training or even a degree for the job, you have significantly better chances of entering the job, especially with a truck driver's license. You can do up to 3500 euros gross per month to earn. It depends on professional experience and whether you are the driver of the garbage truck or a loader. As a career changer without training, you can expect up to 2200 euros gross. It becomes really lucrative when you are employed as a garbage collector for a municipal company.

7. Assembly assistants

If you want to earn a lot, but have no completed training or degree, the job is Assembly worker maybe something for you. As an assembly assistant, you are responsible for ensuring that the right tools and materials are always available for a process. You will also help the specialists measure or assemble components and maintain machines. In this job you can work with a Average gross salary of around 29,000 euros calculate in the year. However, the salary range varies widely. Some assembly workers earn 20,000 euros and others up to 40,000 euros. You have the best salary prospects in the automotive sector at one of the major car manufacturers.

8. Real Estate Agents

Whether self-employed or employed, as a real estate agent you can earn really good money. In principle, you do not need any studies or training for this, which is why this also counts Real estate agent to the well paid jobs with no training However, further training and an official broker's license are very important for success in the job. As a broker, your salary is basically based on how much you sell. For the self-employed, the commission for a property sold is sometimes up to seven percent of the sales price. As a full-time broker, you can work with a Starting salary of around 36,000 euros gross calculate in the year.

9. Production assistants / production assistants

As Production assistants you mainly stand on the assembly line and mostly do simple, manual work. Often you just do the same move for eight hours at a time. Nevertheless: The job is definitely lucrative, especially in shifts and gives you a worthwhile salary, especially on the night shift. As a production assistant, you can work with a Average gross salary of 28,000 to 30,000 euros calculate in the year. You achieve this salary above all if you work for large companies in the automotive or metal industry and usually accept shift work. Especially at night or on weekends, you can expect some bonuses in addition to your normal fixed salary.

10. Professional drivers

Do you love to be on the road and are not afraid of driving big trucks? Then the profession of professional driver could be something for you. In addition to really good pay, you also get around a lot and travel all over the world. The disadvantage, however, is that it can take days or weeks to get home from a trip. There is an apprenticeship as a professional driver, but at many companies a truck driver's license is enough to qualify for the profession. Your salary between 23,000 and 30,000 euros gross per year. On average, however, you can expect a salary of 27,500 euros a year.

Well-paying jobs with no education are hard to come by

Even ifgood paid jobs with no training Heard really good, there is a catch in many cases: they mostly are very sought after and hard to come by. You do not need any training or a degree in the professions, but you do anything that makes you stand out from the crowd. Both Soft skills such as initiative or teamwork as well as various hard skills. For a garbage collector, for example, this can be a truck driver's license and years of driving experience with larger vehicles, for example with the volunteer fire brigade, the THW or in agriculture. Even applicants who have completed an apprenticeship or a degree are often preferred in the application process. The highest paid professions all require a degree or training. Besides, the The selection of well-paid professions with good qualifications is significantly higher. For example, training as an IT specialist makes sense if you programmer want to become. By the way, training to become an IT specialist is one of the best-paid training occupations.