Which websites stream music for free

The best websites for listening to internet radio and downloading and streaming free music

When was the last time you listened to wireless FM radio? There are so many ways on the internet to listen to thousands of different radio stations in many different genres and download tons of music for free.

We've rounded up some of the best sites for listening to internet radio and downloading and streaming free music.

Internet radio

There are many websites with lots of radio stations to choose from, in a wide variety of genres. Some are completely free and others offer both free and paid options.


Pandora lets you type in the name of a song, any artist or genre you like, and the Music Genome Project searches its entire music database, analyzed by a trained music analyst using up to 450 different musical characteristics. Songs with interesting musical similarities to the song, artist, or genre you entered are presented so that you can discover new music that matches your musical preferences and moods. Pandora also offers comedy, and allows you to create up to 100 unique "stations" that you can refine over time.

The free version of Pandora is advertised. If you'd rather listen to the radio with no audio or video ads, you can sign up for Pandora One ($ 36 per year or $ 3.99 for a month) to enjoy your music with no ads. Pandora One also lets you listen for up to five consecutive hours without interacting with Pandora. Whenever you interact with Pandora, the timer will be reset.


Last.fm is a music recommendation service. Register and download The Scrobbler software that will help you discover other music based on the type of music you want to play. The Scrobbler updates your library with music you've heard on your computer, phone, or music player, and tells Last.fm which songs you like best, which ones you play the most, how often you play a particular artist, and other information that help them make personalized recommendations just for you.

You can also download free MP3 files from Last. Join the Last.fm community and discuss your favorite music with other Last.fm listeners, highlight tracks and find out what's new and current. Last.fm is also available for iPhone and Android devices.

Screamer radio

Screamer Radio is a freeware program that allows you to download and listen to over 4000 regional radio stations and Internet radio stations. The software contains a large database of radio stations and you can record what you are listening to. It's ad-free and they claim it has no spyware. You can get the program out of the way by hiding it in the system tray. Screamer Radio is also available in a portable version. Read our review on Playing and Recording Internet Radio with Screamer Radio.


Playlist.com has millions of songs that you can use to create millions of different playlists. Discover new music and connect with like-minded listeners and friends to see what they're listening to and share your playlists with them.

SHOUTcast Radio Directory

SHOUTcast Radio is a directory of over 45,000 music, talk, sports, and community radio stations from the US and around the world. You can listen to a station while browsing other stations. The channels are divided into categories so that you can easily find the style of music you want. You can also search for your favorite songs and artists that are played over the network of broadcasters.

Slacker Personal Radio

Slacker Personal Radio lets you listen to personalized, custom music, news, sports, and comedy stations that you can listen to anywhere for free. The stations are programmed by DJs who are experts in their respective genres. Your knowledge and personal taste are used to create radio stations that are perfectly tailored to you.

You can also subscribe to Slacker in pairs to different levels: Slacker Radio Plus ($ 3.99 / month) and Slacker Premium Radio ($ 9.99 / month). They offer additional functions, e.g. For example, no advertising, the option of temporarily storing channels on the memory card of your mobile phone, and unlimited skipping of tracks. With the premium service, you can play songs and albums on demand, cache albums and playlists and stations, and create your own playlists.


Live365 offers an extensive radio network of high-quality music, conversation and audio streams in more than 260 genres. The Live365 radio station broadcasts music by artists such as Pat Metheny, Johnny Cash and Carlos Santana. They also provide access to public radio stations and stations programmed by individual DJs in many different styles. Live365 offers individual artists and organizations a simple platform to promote their music and create their own internet radio stations.

You can become a VIP listener to whom you have access to additional features, such as: B. Ad-free music and the ability to listen to Live365 from compatible mobile devices. Choose from a 3-month subscription ($ 7.95 / month, paid every 3 months), a 6-month subscription ($ 6.95 / month, paid every 6 months), or a 1-year Subscription ($ 5.95 / month paid annually). A portion of the subscription fee you pay is paid out as a license fee to the artists whose music is played on Live365.


HIMMEL.fm is a multi-channel internet radio service that offers streaming music in over 50 different genres. You can listen for free or upgrade to SKY.fm Premium for high quality audio streams, completely ad-free music and the ability to listen to multiple software programs on your PC, browser and mobile device.


Streema offers a radio directory of over 20,000 stations in every music genre from around the world. The directory is sorted by popularity so you can easily see which stations are most popular with Streema listeners. Use a web interface to find your favorite radio stations, as well as the latest songs and playlists. Once you've signed up for free, you'll be able to make a list of your favorite radio stations, invite friends, and discover new music. At the time of this writing, Streema states that mobile apps will be available soon so you can stream music from their website on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, and BlackBerry, among others.


Spotify offers legal, free access to a large music library that you can listen to on your computer, iPhone, and iPad using the downloadable music streaming player. Open a free account, sign up, listen to millions of songs and save the songs you love to your Spotify playlists.

Even with access to millions of tracks, you may get tired of listening to your favorite bands over and over again. Spotify's recommendation engine can help you find other artists who match what you've heard or who suit a particular mood. The Related Artists feature is another way to discover artists you might like. When you're listening to one of Spotify's top artists, the Related Artists tab displays a list of the artists who other fans of the current artist are listening to. Maybe you just find your new favorite band.

Spotify is free, but it comes with paid subscription options: Unlimited ($ 4.99 / month) and Premium ($ 9.99 / month). Both subscription options offer ad-free listening and the premium option also offers offline mode for your desktop and mobile phone, the ability to stream millions of tracks from the Spotify library and radio, and improved sound quality.


Jango is an internet radio site that allows you to create and share custom radio stations based on artist or genre. Search for an artist or select a genre and your station will start playing immediately. Not only will you get the music you like, but you will also get similar favorites from other Jango listeners who share your tastes. Customize your stations by adding more artists and rating the songs. Indicate which ones you would like to play more often than others.

Share your stations with other Jango listeners and tune in to other people's stations.

Radio tuna

Radio Tuna is a real-time search engine for online radio that profiles stations based on the music they play, not just telling them that they are being played. The data from thousands of streaming stations are processed in real time. Two databases, created by the thousands of people who contribute for free through Musicbrainz and Discogs, contain data used to determine what is playing on each stream found. Use Radio Tuna to spend more time listening to your favorite music and less time looking for it.


Grooveshark is a major on-demand streaming music, discover the service that 30 million people use. Listen to your favorite music, create your own playlists, discover new music. Share your music and discoveries with your friends via Facebook, Twitter and other social media. You can also upgrade to Grooveshark Plus ($ 6.00 / mo) for ad-free listening or Grooveshark Anywhere ($ 9.00 / mo) to take Grooveshark with you on your phone and other mobile devices.


SomaFM is a listener-supported, ad-free, internet-only radio station that receives over 5.8 million "listening hours" per month. Their goal is to introduce their listeners to great new music that cannot be found on commercial radio.

Artist Radio Online

Artist Radio Online lets you listen to free music from Internet radio stations designed and launched by your favorite artists. The stations are played directly in your browser. No need to download any software. Listen to streaming music for as long as you want.


Jelli is an online streaming radio service that enables its audience to determine what is being played. Interact with the live radio to decide what to play. Check out the Jelli channels, pick one and turn it on. Listen to what's on and give your opinion on the current song in real time by clicking Rock if you like it or Sucks if you don't. When enough people say a song sucks, it'll be pulled out of thin air.

Radio? For sure!

Radio? For sure! is an application that lets you listen to over 17,000 online radio stations and easily record multiple stations at the same time (up to two in the free version) and pack them into separate song files. The software automatically searches for updates for the software itself and for the radio stations and supports most Internet radio formats.

A Pro version of the software is available for $ 9.99 ($ ​​7.99 through July 2012) with additional features such as the ability to record up to 10 channels at the same time, the daily automatic update of the channel database (instead of every seven days ), the ability to block ads from being recorded. and record full songs right from the start.

Downloadable and streaming music

If you'd rather choose specific tracks to stream or download individual tracks and listen to them offline, here are some websites with free music files.

Free music archive

The Free Music Archive (FMA) is an interactive library with high quality, free and legal audio downloads. The FMA library is freely accessible to the public. You don't need to register to download music. In this case, however, you can create your own playlists to keep up with the music you've discovered and join discussions.

You can also use the music on FMA in podcasts, videos or other forms of digital publishing.

Amazon Free MP3 Songs and Extras

You might not have noticed, but you can even download free MP3 files from Amazon. You have over 1,000 tracks in genres such as rock, alternative rock, classical and pop available for free.

NOTE: The free MP3 files available on Amazon are only for US citizens with a US Amazon account.

Google Play Free Music

Google Play also offers free MP3 songs with new free tracks added daily. Add them to your Google Play library for instant access from any web browser or mobile device.

Music oasis

Music Oasis is a software program that provides access to a library of high quality MP3 files without DRM that you can use to stream or download with any music player. Music Oasis is completely free and there are no restrictions on downloading or streaming music from the library.

Music Oasis, however, is ad-supported. During the installation of Music Oasis, you will receive additional software from their partners. These offers can be downloaded for free and are 100% optional.


BearShare is a website that allows you to legally download more than 15 million songs and videos for free. Use their software to download music and videos from other peers for free, or to buy songs that are not available for free. BearShare only offers some premium content if you subscribe to BearShare Premium. In addition, the BearShare ToGo subscription gives you unlimited streaming of BearShare music to your compatible MP3 player.

You have to register to use BearShare, but it's free and gives you access to millions of songs to download, use of the latest search tools and other features like the ability to search the huge library by different genres, artists, moods and much more to browse to discover new music. Each artist page has details about the artist and a discography that you can download.


iMesh is a file sharing program that gives you free and legal access to over 15 million songs and videos. Sync your music with your iPod, listen to a personalized DJ station from your favorite artists or discover playlists and albums for new artists.


SoundClick is a free music community with signed and unsigned bands and state-of-the-art social media tools. They offer free member profile pages, MP3 downloads, audio and video streams, music tables, custom radio stations, a proprietary music store, message boards, and much more.

More than 60,000 new songs and more than 6,000 new bands admitted every month. Find tons of great full-length songs and bands with ease. All songs on SoundClick are available as audio streaming in almost CD quality. Most of the songs are also available as free legal MP3 downloads.

Mufin player

If you have enough music to save on a Mufin player, Mufin might be just the thing for you. "Mufin" stands for Music Finder. Mufin Player contains a music recognition engine that analyzes your music collection and allows you to sort and search your music by sound. You can rediscover and enjoy music you've forgotten.

You can also sign up for Mufin Player Pro, which offers space in the cloud (mufin.drive) for storing your music and other functions. Mufin Player for Android is included in Mufin Player Pro, with which you can manage the music on your phone and download your music stored on mufin.drive to your phone.

We can't mention every website on the music web, but here are some additional websites where you can listen to internet radio, stream music, and discover new music:

  • ListenMusic.fm– Find favorite artists or playlists that match your mood.
  • StereoMood– Listen to playlists however you want.
  • Shuffler.fm - Listen to a dynamic free internet radio service that broadcasts the content of music blogs on the internet.
  • Mugasha - Use Mugasha at your party to play cool electronic music sets from DJs from all over the world.
  • TheRadio– Choose from a large collection of radio stations from around the world.
  • Musopen - Listen to an online music library of copyright-free (public domain) classical music.

If you've found a great source of internet radio or downloadable music that's not listed here, please let us know.