Should I buy a used iPhone?

Tips for buying a used iPhone

iPhones usually last a very long time and Apple also provides software updates for a very long time compared to the competition. Buying a used iPhone is therefore generally not a bad idea. Nevertheless, there are a few things to consider. So that you optimally prepared for the purchase of a used iPhone we have for you some tips compiled.

iPhone model

A large number of different iPhone models can be purchased on platforms such as eBay; from the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus to older models such as the iPhone 5.

So that you can enjoy the latest software, we recommend one Search restricted to iPhone 6s and newer. Basically, the newer the iPhone, the longer it will be supplied with the latest software!

Which model it actually becomes is one Budget question and also depends on what expectations you put on your new iPhone. If you value the latest technology, you should start looking from the iPhone 5S. If a large display is important to you, you will find it with the iPhone 6 or the even larger iPhone 6 Plus. If you only want to use the comprehensive range of apps, the significantly cheaper iPhone 4S and 5 models are also interesting for you.

Period of use

When looking for a used iPhone, focus on the time of use. Some people sell their iPhones after just a few months, for example to switch to a newer model. Such devices usually have few signs of use (but see for yourself with the help of photos) and are relatively cheaper to buy.

Generally speaking, you should - if possible - don't buy iPhones that a very long time (a few years) were in use, since the chance of a defect is significantly higher here.

Condition of the battery

The more often a Battery charged becomes, the weaker it becomes and the more often it needs to be recharged. In your search, keep in mind that the battery of an iPhone that has been in use for more than a year no longer has the 100% performance of a new iPhone battery. Here, too, the following applies: the older the iPhone, the weaker the battery.

It should also be noted here that iPhone batteries not without special tools can be exchanged. If the seller offers you to "replace the battery", you should definitely insist that an original Apple battery is professionally installed!

Signs of use

If you want to buy a used iPhone on the Internet, you should go to meaningful photos respect, think highly of. If the photos are blurry or the resolution is too low, you should ask the seller for high-resolution photos. This is the only way you can check the information about signs of use and avoid a nasty surprise when unpacking.

Screen protectors are positive as they protect the display from scratches. However, they can also be negative if they were subsequently applied by the seller in order to cover up existing scratches. In this regard, you should obtain certainty from the seller.

When buying a used car, pay attention to the information "accident-free". When buying a used iPhone, you should also pay attention to the information that information about any coarser Falls etc. give.

Have you bought an iPhone and already received it, check it out Water damage. Opens the SIM card slot and checks it for red color, which indicates contact with water. You do the same with the headphone connection. If you discover red color, contact the seller immediately and confront him with it!

SIM lock

Make sure that the iPhone you want to buy works with your network operator and that it does not have a SIM lock from another network operator. You can easily check whether an iPhone has a SIM lock.

Activation lock

It is also very important that the seller deactivates the activation lock before the sale. If the activation lock is active, you cannot use your new iPhone! In another article we will show you how you can set up your (new) used iPhone in a flash.

tip: How to find out if a used iPhone has been stolen!

Guarantee status

If you decide on a newer model, the chances are not bad that you will still be able to make use of the warranty. To check the warranty status for the new iPhone, you need the serial number with which you can check the warranty status on a page set up by Apple for this purpose. In another post, we'll tell you everything you need to know about the iPhone warranty check.

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