Should I buy the Tesla ATV

Tesla “Cyberquad” is scheduled to hit the market at the end of 2021

At the premiere of the “Cybertruck”, Tesla demonstrated its flexible loading bed with the help of an electric quad (“ATV” / All Terrain Vehicle) parked on it. Company boss Elon Musk later confirmed that in addition to the pickup, the much more compact “Cyberquad” will also go into series production. Now there is new information about it.

“We aim to introduce it at the same time as the truck. A two-seater electric ATV designed to work with the Cybertruck will be fun! ”, Musk recently said on Twitter. An electric dirt bike would also “be cool” and could therefore also be offered later. Musk excludes an e-motorcycle for the street, as he was hit by a truck on a motorcycle "and almost died" as a teenager.

According to the presentation of the Cybertruck, the Tesla Quad can not only drive to the loading area of ​​the pickup for transport, but can also be supplied with power from the battery of the electric car. Tesla has not yet revealed any specific technical details about the vehicle.

First, the Tesla Quad will be offered as an option to buyers of the Cybertruck, according to an earlier statement by Musk. The production planning for the pick-up with one, two or three electric motors recently changed: Instead of the top model with three motors, the entry-level version with one electric motor will only start a year later. From the end of 2021, all-wheel drive cybertrucks with two or three engines will be built.

With the wedge-shaped Cybertruck, Tesla could open up various other new business areas in the lifestyle area. Pictures published after the unveiling show the electric pickup also with camping equipment and a tent mounted on the loading bed. The ability to tow trailers of various types allows even more flexibility; Tesla has already provided a design here as well. Whether the Californians will actually enter the market for camping accessories and caravans has not yet been confirmed.

Via: Twitter | elonmusk
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