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LinkedIn Top 5 Employers - Germany wants to work here

Published on 27-06-2018

From Hugo Boss to Google to BMW - the list of LinkedIn Top Companies 2018 includes employers with whom German LinkedIn members would like to work. We took a closer look at the top 5!

Every year, LinkedIn publishes the top companies that are extremely attractive to professionals and executives. The results are based on surveys of millions of German LinkedIn members and comprise the following pillars:

  • Interest of members in the company
  • Exchange with employees of the company
  • Demand for job offers
  • Loyalty to the company (number of employees who stay with the company for a year or more)

Last year, the online fashion house Zalando took first place. However, the winds have turned and there is a completely new Top 5.

# 5 employer: Boston Consulting Group

In fifth place is the international management consultancy Boston Consulting Group (BCG). According to BCG, the company wants to change the world for the better - together with its customers and employees. For this reason, BCG is actively looking for employees who will not shy away from any challenge and embrace change. The corporate culture is therefore based on team spirit, personal development and a wide variety of tasks.

Build. Connect. Grow. - BCG's mission

This is well received! BCG has been among the top 5 Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” for eight years in a row and 86% of employees would recommend the company as an employer (Glassdoor). Definitely a top class employer brand!

# 4 employer: Huawei Technologies

Just past the podium, but still definitely worth mentioning: the Chinese telecommunications supplier Huawei. Most people only think of cell phones when they hear the name Huawei (pronounced Wah-Wey in Chinese). However, the group is also very active in the research and development of software and hardware for communication networks. Around 45% of German employees work in this area.

Huawei’s corporate culture is based on the following core values:

  1. Customer First - Only if the customer is successful is it a success for the company.
  2. Dedication - Respect and trust can only be gained through dedication
  3. Continuous improvement - To be helpful to customers, you have to listen and learn continuously.
  4. Openness and initiative - Driven by customer needs, you passionately pursue customer-oriented innovations in an open manner
  5. Teamwork - Only those who work together in good and bad times, regardless of the one culture, can be successful in the end.
  6. integrity - Honesty towards customers and colleagues creates an atmosphere of respect and trust.

Huawei is aware that employees are the capital of every company. For this reason, the employer offers its employees many different development opportunities.

Customer first, ingenuity and patience - these are the 3 pillars of Amazon's corporate culture

# 3 employer: Amazon

Amazon is all about innovation. The company describes itself as a place by and for people who want to build something. Unusual ideas are not only encouraged, they are expected. For example, there is a special team that teaches the voice assistant Alexa German humor. Team spirit, a certain hunger for challenges and a high degree of personal responsibility are central aspects of corporate culture - and this is well received. According to Glassdoor, 71% of employees would recommend Amazon to friends and a proud 97% support the current CEO, Jeff Bezos. This makes him one of the most popular managers in Germany (# 10).

Amazon's success is based on three pillars that we've been holding onto for 18 years. They are the reason for our success: customer first, ingenuity and patience. - Jeff Bezos

However, not everything is perfect at Amazon. The company is repeatedly criticized for low wages and poor working conditions at its logistics locations.

# 2 employer: alphabet

The silver medal goes to IT giant Alphabet, the parent company of Google. The company not only dominates the Internet search engine market, but also a large part of the digital advertising market, along with Facebook. Google is famous worldwide for the unconventional design of the work environment and atmosphere. From free meals to a music room with guitars and keyboards to a huge gym with a personal trainer - Google puts a lot of work into its employer experience. And this pays off: 1.1 million applications are received by Google every year.

In terms of corporate culture, the employer is known for a permanently good working atmosphere and great development opportunities. Many employees also like the open management culture with a focus on leadership development at all levels.

According to Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube and 16th employee of Google, the corporate culture rests on eight pillars, all with the mission “innovation” in mind:

  1. Have a relevant goal
  2. Think big, but start small
  3. Constant innovation instead of immediate perfection
  4. Ideas can be found everywhere
  5. Everything is shared
  6. Imagination as ignition, data as fuel
  7. Provide a platform
  8. Failures allowed

However, a high level of performance and motivation from employees is also expected. Overtime and working until dawn can happen. Not everyone can handle it. For this reason, Alphabet has one of the most complex application processes in the world to find, train and retain future ‘Googlers’.

The bottom line is that Google got it: culture matters, cultural fit even more.

# 1 employer: McKinsey & Company

LinkedIn overall winner and employee favorite 2018 is the management consultancy McKinsey. The company works on an international basis for countless private and public companies, as well as many government agencies. The employer’s mission is to help customers achieve lasting improvements in performance and build a company that attracts, develops, enthuses and retains exceptional people.

It is therefore not surprising that you constantly set yourself ambitious goals and drive at a high pace. This can only work if you act as a unit. For this reason, all McKinsey actions are based on the following three well-established core values:

  1. A permanent high level of professionalism
  2. The significant improvement in the performance of their customers
  3. Creating an incomparable environment for extraordinary people

The last value in particular says a lot about McKinsey & Company as an employer. Although performance and results play an important role, factors such as team spirit, mutual support and respectful interaction with one another are just as important for the group. Diversity and integration is a central aspect of culture:

Our inclusive culture enriches our creativity, innovation and problem-solving skills. Our teams combine different perspectives, which only strengthens and enriches the results for our customers. - McKinsey & Company

This type of integration begins on the first day: As part of their onboarding process, new employees get to know their future team in what is known as "team learning". This is what such a meeting looks like:

In addition to many internal development opportunities and mentoring, the top employer also enables employees to determine their own annual working hours. The “Take Time” program allows counselors to take up to three months off between projects to look after the family or attend yoga camp in India.

This varied offer is very popular: According to a media report in 2016, 201,000 candidates apply for 2,200 vacancies worldwide. In our opinion, that says a lot about McKinsey & Company's employer qualities.

Chapeau! A deserved victory!

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