Which two words describe love?

Associations with the word "love"

For example, love, dream, bee, flower, grass, color, thunder, gift, motorcycle


LOVE, noun. No plural: deep feeling of affection for someone or something
LOVE, noun. No plural: sexually or erotically motivated inclination towards someone or something
LOVE, noun. No plural: act of physical union as a result of [2]
LOVE, noun. Colloquially: love affair
LOVE, noun. Without plural: intimate and emotional relationship with a thing, an idea, a goal or the like
LOVE, noun. Without plural, with the preposition with: with great care and concern
LOVE, noun. Without plural: service of friendship, courtesy
LOVE, noun. Colloquially: person you love
LOVE, noun. River in Poland
LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT, compound words. Falling in love (mostly) with another person at first sight
LOVE GOES THROUGH THE STOMACH, proverb. Good food intensifies love
MAKE LOVE, phrase. Have sexual intercourse; coit
LOVE MAKES BLIND, phrase. A loving person cannot think critically about his / her beloved because of his / her feelings

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