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Information about the coronavirus

Overview of the current regulations - Emergency brake since April 28, 2021 - Here you can find more information about the current regulations in

Information on the Emden Vaccination Center can be found at

Where can I take a free quick test in Emden? Layperson / self-tests: what to do if the result is positive?You can find more information at

For all questions on the corona pandemic and their consequences and at Issues related to reports of suspected cases in Emden Citizens can call the citizen hotline on the telephone number 87 - 18 18 turn. You can also send inquiries to the address buergertelefon (at)
The city of Emden asks for understanding that on the citizen telephone no individual medical advice on the corona virus can take place. In the event of suspicion, personal details and data are recorded and evaluated on the citizen hotline and, if necessary, forwarded to the health inspectorate. In the event of suspicion, it is also possible to report the suspicion online (see below).

The citizen hotline is manned Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. In urgent corona-related In emergencies, the port medical service can be reached on 04921/87 1789 or on 0171/7528084 (24 hours).

FAQ- Citizen Telephone: Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions to the citizen hotline and the FAQs of the state of Lower Saxony on various topics.

Have you had contact with someone who tested positive for Corona? You can also use our online report to report your suspicion:

Corona suspected case - online report (Report of a suspected case of the new coronavirus)

Online notification for travelers returning from risk areas

Diary for people in quarantine at home

Diary for healthcare professionals before they start work

Citizen hotline of the Federal Ministry of Health on the following number:030 346 465 100 
Independent patient advice Germany:0800 011 77 22 
Medical on-call service:116 117 
AOK Corona hotline of the state of Lower Saxony: 0511 4505-555 
Hotline State of Lower Saxony: 0511 120 6000 
Covid-19 vaccination hotline State of Lower Saxony: 0800 9988665 

In view of the current infection situation, the network #shirthelps has been updated. People who want to help are asked to register under the following link:
Click here to register

People who want to use the help of the network can contact the helper phone: 04921/871120, or write an email to emden-hilft (at)

The helper phone isfrom Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. occupied. However, residents who are in quarantine should, urgently need food at the weekend, this is coordinated by the Emden fire brigade and rescue control center, Tel .: 04921/94321.

We want you with ideas for everyday life and tips on advice centers help you get through this time with your family. to the family page

#voucherhelfenemden - Online vouchers support retailers and restaurateurs. Further information can be found here

All communications from the city of Emden about the coronavirus

05/17 - A new infection - incidence value 132.2

16.05. - 12 new infections - incidence value 130.2

15.05. - Six new infections - incidence value 116.2

May 14th - Eleven new infections - incidence value 100.2

May 14th - Current vaccination sequence still applies - Priority group 3 opening steps

13.05. - 17 new infections

05/12 - 20 new infections - incidence value 112.2

05/11 - No new infection - incidence value 136.2

05/10 - A new infection - incidence value 140.2

9.05. - Six new infections - incidence value 128.2

8.05. - Eight new infections - incidence value 134.2

7.05. - 19 new infections - incidence value 144.3

7.05. - Opening of daycare centers and schools from May 10th

6.05. - Proof of convalescence not yet available

6.05. - 12 new infections - incidence value 130.2

5.05. - 29 new infections - RKI shows an incidence value of 66.1 today - 20 cases not yet taken into account

4.05. - No new infections - incidence value 100.2

3.05. - No new infection - incidence value 104.2

2.05. - Nine new infections - incidence value 96.2

1.05. - Nine new infections - incidence value 92.2

04/30 - Ten new infections - incidence value 74.1

04/29 - Three new infections - incidence value 92.2

04/28 - Important note: the sequence of vaccinations still applies

04/28 - Complete vaccination protection replaces compulsory testing

04/28 - Twenty-one new infections confirmed - incidence value 140.2

04/27 - No new infections confirmed - incidence value 130.2

04/26 - Emergency brake from Wednesday, April 28th - Overview of the regulations

04/26 - No new infection confirmed - incidence value 136.2

04/25 - Five more infections confirmed

04/24 - Ten new infections confirmed