What are current popular trends in Korea

The most popular gadget trends from Korea

One day in South Korea: Daegu City

If you are looking for something specific in the city, you will reach your destination very quickly in South Korea, ...

The smartphone street

... because the streets in the city center of Daegu are divided into categories (clothing, food, smartphones) so that, for example, you will only find smartphone shops on one street and restaurants on another. This saves a lot of running around and makes it easier to compare prices in order to find the best offer.

Goodbye clamshell phones!

The era of clamshell phones seems to be over in South Korea as well. The most popular models include the latest models from the Samsung Galaxy series as well as from LG. The iPhone is also very popular. Nevertheless, most South Koreans mainly use devices from Korean manufacturers.

Knowledge is power

The South Korean education system is extremely demanding. That is why there are gadgets that are designed to help school and university students learn more successfully. One of the most popular utensils for school is an electronic dictionary or translator. Unfortunately, the little helpers are anything but cheap, costing between 150 and 500 euros. Work hard, play hard: the manufacturers also follow this motto and offer multimedia functions on the devices, such as an integrated MP3 player, video player and recording device.

Duden / Translator: Unichal DIXAU DX2

As I said, many students use electronic translators and Duden. The Unichal DIXAU DX2 is such a device that can be used to translate texts from English, Spanish, French or German into Korean. The device accesses up to 150 different dictionaries via an Internet connection and also shows the definition of two dictionary files in parallel on the display for comparison. Special feature: With an integrated scanner, you can analyze magazines and books without typing a single letter.

The desire for sweet things: POINTFIVE Puuca

Most young Koreans love anything that looks cute or cute. There are unusual devices that look more like characters. The POINTFIVE Puuca is an MP3 player in the shape of a well-known South Korean cartoon character. Pucca's cheeks light up when you turn on the device or change songs. You only have two gigabytes of memory available; the battery lasts around 13 hours. Even if there are no special features or a display, the trend determines the price. The Pucca costs 68,000 South Korean won (KRW), which is around 50 euros.

Visit to the smartphone shop

Where you find empty streets during the day, life pulsates at night. And everywhere you go, the focus is on the smartphone. Dealers offer tons of accessories for the most popular and common models.

In abundance

There are thousands of protective covers in various designs for every taste in smartphone shops. Protective shells with fashionable decorations or covers with special functions are particularly popular.

Stylish, practical, good

Fashion plays a big role in South Korea. Not only does the clothing have to be coordinated, but the smartphone also has to match the look. If you are looking for designer accessories, leather covers are particularly popular and are available in correspondingly large numbers. The smartphone looks like a fashionable handbag.

Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse & Co.

The sweeter the better: Koreans love protective cases that transform their smartphones into a mobile companion. Whether Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse or one of the numerous manga hits from Asia: Thanks to the brightly colored accessories, the smartphone offers the opportunity to express any childhood preferences.

Accessories instead of headphones

In addition to smartphone cases, there are also tons of accessories to close the headphone jack. Not only does it look cute or cool, it also offers protection from dust and dirt.

More than just protection

Functional accessories are also popular: so that the user does not have to lug around a lot of small things, there is, for example, the iSlide cover for the iPhone 5 / 5s. An NFC or credit card fits into the protective cover and can be stored in a compartment under the back shell. The NFC card can be scanned in the shell, so you don't have to take it out when paying or opening electronic locks.

Smartphone as a key

The covers from SKINU are very popular. These allow multiple cards to be stored in the back shell in addition to the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and other top models. This way, up to three cards and even banknotes fit in. So that the smartphone does not destroy the magnetic strips on the cards, the shell is equipped with a protection between the device and valuables.


Unlike in Germany, most Koreans already rely on NFC technology, for example to open the car door or the front door. Special NFC cards replace the traditional key. A numeric keypad is integrated as an additional option on the vehicle or house lock. You can also open a lock by entering a password.

Let there be light

The LED flash has long replaced notification by ringtone or vibration in South Korea. No wonder: in the evening the streets pulsate with life and music. Due to the loud noise level in the city center, the ringtone or the vibrating alarm is barely audible. Luminous protective covers provide a remedy.

LED flash as a ringtone replacement

The LED flash is deflected in such a way that the cover reflects the light over the entire surface of the back. Foils can even be used to select the color in which the smartphone should shine.

Scratchless happy

The latest invention for the display: tempered glass foils. This type of case hardly leaves fingerprints or scratches - even if you try to damage the display with a knife or a coin. The thinner the glass film, the higher the price. High-quality films cost the equivalent of 20 euros and up.

Smartphone as a mini TV

With free WiFi in the big cities and the LTE data standard, many Koreans use their smartphones as a media center, for example for films or videos. To use the smartphone as a mini television, there are plenty of stands in a wide variety of shapes and colors. The Sucker Stand, for example, is a mini plunger that can be attached to the back with a suction cup. You can place your smartphone on the table and watch videos and films with friends.

More grip

With the large Samsung or LG models, it is often difficult to hold the smartphone securely in your hand. That is why there are gadgets to increase the grip, such as Smart Easy: You stick this gadget to the back of the smartphone. Two integrated grip rings provide more hold by wearing the rings on the middle and ring fingers. The rings also serve as a table stand.

Upgrade for Smart View Cover

Hardly surprising: the majority of South Koreans rely on smartphones from their own country - even if the manufacturers sometimes bring out questionable designs. For example the overpriced S-View covers from Samsung. Although these look chic, they do not have a proper locking device, so that the cover permanently opens by itself. The SPIGEN Magnetic Clip solves the problem. You attach it to the S-View cover and the smartphone and close the case with a magnet.

┬╗To the shop: SPIGEN Magnetic Clip (10.20 euros) on Amazon

USB stick for smartphones

Data carriers are still essential in South Korea to make important data portable. The iRiver Smart-G USB stick goes one step further and saves the USB cable to back up data from the smartphone. The Smart-G is equipped with a regular USB port and another for the mobile device. The gadget also makes the SD card superfluous. Advantage: When removing the SD card, the device usually has to be opened. This is no longer necessary with the Smart-G.