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The best French slang words to make you sound like a native speaker

French may be the language of Marcel Proust, Jean-Paul Sartre and Marguerite Dumas, but it is also a language that is constantly adapting and evolving. As a result, some of the words you find in your textbooks are so out of date that people would wonder what you mean by them.

Okay, so maybe that's a little exaggerated, but it's always helpful to have a bit of slang on hand. Once you are fluent in French, these are exactly the words that will take you one step closer to being a native speaker. The French have some really peculiar expressions. So, let's go, let's learn a few of them

Our pick of the 10 French slang words you should definitely know!

1. Chanmé

What does Chanmé mean in French? "Chanmé" is a word from the so-called "verlan". Wait a minute, let's start with the basics: "Verlan" describes a French slang in which the syllables of a word are reversed. This then creates new words. “Verlan” itself is a Verlan word. The actual word is "l’envers", which means something like "backwards" or "turned around". With this knowledge you can easily guess what the original word behind “chanmé” is: exactly, namely “méchant”, which means “mean” or “evil”. It is not easy to derive the meaning of “chanmé” from this, that's why we will help you a little: It is used to describe something great or great!

"J’adore New-York, cette ville est chanmé!" (Warning !: there is no plural or feminine form - “chanmé” is unchangeable).

“I love New York. The city is just great! "

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2. Bolos

What does “bolos” mean in French? This word was even officially added to the dictionary this year. By definition, it describes someone who is cowardly, totally ridiculous and also a bit stupid. This word is especially popular with teenagers.

"Maxime n’a pas voulu sauter en parachute, quel bolos!"

“Maxime didn't want to come with me to skydive. What a scaredy! "

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3. Chelou

What does “chelou” mean in French? This is also a Verlan word and comes from “louche” (strange / dodgy). The meaning of “chelou” is very easy to guess, because it means exactly the same as “louche”. Millennials in particular use this term very often (but their parents are also cautiously daring to use “chelou” more and more!)

"Je n’ai pas aimé Mad Max, c’est un peu trop chelou pour moi."

“I didn't like Mad Max. That was too weird for me. "

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4. Relou

As you have probably already noticed, French slang is based on Verlan. "Relou" comes from "lourd" (difficult) and means something like "annoying".

"J’ai plein de choses à faire demain, c’est relou!"

“I have so much to do next week. That's really annoying! "

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5. Venere

That seems a bit more difficult at first glance, but it's also just a Verlan word from “énervé” (annoyed / annoyed) with the same meaning.

"Je ne sais pas ce qu'il lui arrive, il est vénère depuis qu'il est rentré du travail"

“I don't know what's wrong with him. He's been totally annoyed since he came home from work. "

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6. Cimer

Comes from "merci" and is used synonymously. However, it can also have a passive-aggressive undertone, which is why it is better not to use it on authority figures!

“- Tu peux m’aider à étendre le linge?

- Désolé, je dois y aller tout de suite!

- Cimer ... "

“- Can you help me hang the laundry?

- Sorry, I have to leave urgently.

- Many thanks too ... "

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7. Ouf

What does "ouf" mean? It is easy! The original word is “fou” (crazy). “Ouf” is used to describe something that is totally great or just (positively) crazy.

“Tu as vu le dernier clip de Rihanna? Il est ouf! "

“Have you seen the latest video from Rihanna? This is really totally crazy! "

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8. Pecho

“Pécho” is also Verlan and comes from “choper” (to snap something). The Verlan version, on the other hand, has several meanings: dating someone / snogging or sleeping with someone, buying drugs or stealing something ”.

"Tu savais que Marie a pécho Félix à ta soirée d'anniversaire?"

"Did you know that Marie made out with Félix at your birthday party?"

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9. Mater

The verb "mater" actually means "subject" or "bring under control". Nowadays, however, it is used more in the sense of "checking out".

“Le mec qui vient de passer t’a tellement matée!”

"The guy who just walked by checked you out!"

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10. Devil

“Teuf” is the Verlan version of “fête”, which means party. “Devil” still sticks a bit from the 90s, but since about 20 years have passed since this golden era, it is now totally okay to use this word ironically. Promised!

“J’ai had de faire la teuf ce weekend, ça va être chanmé!”

“I'm really looking forward to partying this weekend. This is going to be great! ""

You can still speak your French slang today try it out and learn with native French speakers!