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Tank in the basement of a property: Trial begins in Kiel

Status: May 18, 2021 6:30 p.m.

From May 28th, a pensioner must answer who stashed a tank and many war weapons on his property on the Kiel Fjord. He is accused of violating the War Weapons Control Act.

This news actually went around the world at the time: A man from Heikendorf (Plön district) is bunkering a "Panther" battle tank on his property. Among others, the "New York Times", "USA Today", "Le Parisien", "BBC News", "Télé Bruxelles" and "New Zealand Herald" reported as the heavy vehicle of war as part of investigations by the public prosecutor in mid-2015 Basement of the villa in the posh Heikendorfer district of Kitzeberg was recovered. In addition, the investigators found an anti-aircraft cannon, a torpedo, mortar, machine and assault rifles, semi and fully automatic pistols and more than 1,500 rounds of ammunition. Around six years later, the trial against the now 84-year-old man is set to start before the Kiel district court. According to a court spokesman, the main hearing will begin on May 28th, and after further meetings the verdict could be announced in early July.

Only one weapon of war still functional?

At the heart of the procedure is the question of whether the tank and the weapons hoarded by the owner were functional. According to the public prosecutor's office, the investigation into this was very time-consuming. Extensive reports have been obtained. An assessment by the Federal Office for Export Controls had shown after the recovery of the tank that essential parts of the vehicle are still intact and therefore fall under the War Weapons Control Act. However, according to a spokesman, the Kiel district court initially came to a different assessment. Based on several expert opinions obtained by the court, the 7th criminal division assumes that "only the seized anti-aircraft gun can still be a weapon of war". Violations of the War Weapons Control Act are punishable by a minimum of one year and a maximum of five years in prison.

Possibly talks about a "deal"

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Attorney Gerald Goecke sees himself "largely confirmed by the opening decision of the criminal chamber". According to earlier statements by the defense, the pieces collected are "demilitarized historical-museum objects that do not meet the criteria of a war weapon". Goecke now sees, according to his own statements, a good basis "for any legal talks in which the possibility of an amicable procedural design could be discussed".

The tank was found during a police search, which was actually about Nazi art. It took just under 20 soldiers around nine hours to get the vehicle, which weighs around 40 tons, out of the house and push it onto a low-loader. This was only possible thanks to two armored recovery vehicles, specially built wooden ramps and sweat-inducing precision work at midsummer temperatures.

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