Are orcs and goblins really the same



Goblins, also Goblins or Cave Orcs called, are a smaller, crippled subspecies of the orcs, most of which have settled in the Misty Mountains. They are also known as Moria orcs as many of them settled in the mines of Moria.


A tribe of goblins that controlled the orctor at the high pass and the orc city was led by the so-called Great Orc, who was himself a particularly large and powerful goblin. He was believed to be a descendant of the larger orcs from Barad-dûr that Sauron had sent to the Misty Mountains in the Second Age to fortify the passes.

One day when the Great Orc had a captive group of dwarves and Bilbo Baggins brought before him in his cave under the Misty Mountains, he found with them the elven sword Orcrist, which the goblins had always hated. When he wanted to kill the dwarves in anger, he was slain in the dark with Orcrist's sister sword Glamdring by the wizard Gandalf, who had hidden himself from the eyes of the orcs. The death of the Great Orc was the reason why the orcs and goblins from the Misty Mountains attacked the dwarves on Erebor in the Battle of the Five Armies. Under the leadership of orc chief Bolg, they also wanted to avenge the death of Bolg's father Azog in the battle of Azanulbizar and the Great Orc.


The Goblin Scribe is used in the film v. Kiran Shah embodies.


These are the famous goblin kings of the Third Age:


It is often discussed whether "The Hobbit" is said to be goblins or orcs. However, in contrast to the Great Orc, Azog and Bolg are referred to and represented as Gundabadorks and not as Goblins.


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