What is bluetooth technology

What is bluetooth Easily explained

Whether on your smartphone, laptop or game console - you will find the "Bluetooth" option everywhere. In this article you will find out what exactly this is and where the radio standard is used.

Bluetooth - what is it?

Bluetooth is a radio standard that is built into a wide variety of digital devices and enables data transmission over short distances.

  • The primary goal of the technology is to replace wired connections between devices. This is particularly beneficial for mobile devices.
  • The maximum range varies between 10 and 100 meters depending on the device.
  • Bluetooth has been developed and modernized for years. The latest version is Bluetooth 4.2 and is characterized by improved security, a high transmission rate and an energy-saving low energy mode. All versions are compatible with each other.
  • With Bluetooth there are different profiles that determine what type of data can be transmitted. For example, the "HSP" profile enables a headset to be used via Bluetooth. With the "A2DP" profile, however, music can be transmitted wirelessly from a cell phone to a loudspeaker.

In which places is Bluetooth used?

Bluetooth is used in countless places. Here are some examples:

  • Bluetooth is built into practically every modern cell phone. You can send files to other mobile phones or to your own computer.
  • Many mobile speakers work via bluetooth. If you connect your smartphone to the speaker, you can transfer your music without any cables.
  • It is not uncommon for cars to be equipped with Bluetooth technology. If your own mobile phone is in the car, it is automatically linked to the on-board computer so that incoming calls or messages can be displayed directly and answered using the hands-free system.
  • Laptops also often have a Bluetooth chip. You can use this to wirelessly connect a mouse and keyboard, for example.

In another article we will explain what is behind the abbreviation "UMTS". If you want to track down all Bluetooth devices in your area, download the Bluetooth-View.