How do you start a new habit?

So you can really build new habits!

When your father dies you have to be ready. You have to be ready so that you can plan the funeral, hug your mother and siblings and be a comfort to them, so that you can stand with your head held high and know that you are now in charge and your father can be proud . The time to prepare for it is now. You have to do everything now so that when the time comes, you don't wither away crying and scared in the corner.

You have to start really doing things instead of just reading them. You have to build yourself just like you build your character on Fortnite. You need habits to build yourself, and while building new, good habits can be easy for some, it's not that easy for the "fast dopamine, short attention span, Fortnite-playing kind" of people.

There is a way to enjoy new habits. Usually you start with great motivation and as soon as you see that the progress is not going as hoped you give up. Greetings from the New Year's goals (which you probably can't even remember by now).

This post is not about why it is important to set new habits, that is a different topic, but solely about a “trick” that can be used to build productive & good habits.

Let us know in the comments what habit you are going to build yourself!

Set smaller goals for yourself

The secret behind new habits is to set smaller goals.

Do you want to study for 30 minutes every day? Start studying for 5 minutes each day, then 10 after a week, and so on.

Building a new habit doesn't mean that you have to reach your ultimate goal straight away, it's about finally taking a small step in the right direction and oh boy, do you have any idea what this can do to you. That feeling of finally having done something that you know you have to do. There is not much that can keep up with it and if you manage to slowly incorporate that into your everyday life, then you can no longer even imagine where that can lead you, what you can become, what you can achieve.

There is a technique that helps to make the whole thing much more sustainable and efficient. With this technique I was able to read and write every day. I will explain to you how it works and what you need.

The technology

All you need is one Piece of paper and a pen.

In the middle you write down your new habits. For example “training”. All around you write down all the benefits that it will bring you if you practice this new habit. It should then look something like this:

Make 49 squares on the back. And this is where the magic begins, which is fun, every time you go to training you make a nice, fat cross in the square box. So if you want to go to the gym five times a week, make five squares in a row. You shouldn't miss a cross, but if for some reason it does happen, keep going anyway and don't stop. Always make sure you keep going. That's the most important.

Your list could look like this at the end:

Every X reminds you that you have come closer to your goal.

If you do not feel like it, then look again at all the benefits that you wrote down and remember what you are doing it for and then go anyway.

You can do this with several habits, but start off slowly so as not to overwhelm yourself. It's just about staying tuned. Again and again. Try but don't expect magic, in the end it always depends on you. You are the driving force and in control, which means that you have to do the work and are in charge.

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Now get to work.