What decides about your gender

Identity and gender

Even if you are expected to wear skirts all the time or to be tough macho - when it comes to gender, you alone determine what is right for you. Even as a cis * person, you do not have to bow to social ideas - especially since these are becoming more and more free. Be the way you feel and do what you like.

For trans * people, the process of finding an identity often has a very special meaning. Because if you find that you are not assigned the gender that corresponds to you from the outside, then that can be quite complicated. You are now going through a process that is sometimes referred to as coming out.

Coming out as a trans * - what is it about?

Similar to a homosexual or bisexual coming-out, the identification of gender also takes place in two stages: the inner awareness of one's own gender identity and its communication to the outside world, towards other people.

In the process of inner awareness, a person deals very strongly with his gender identity. And that can be unsettling - especially when you realize that others are wrong in their perception and you actually feel you belong to a different gender. But that's by no means bad; it can also make it easier, because in the end you know exactly who you are and how you want to be perceived by others. In young people today this happens on average between the ages of 16 and 20, but the process often began years earlier.