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My Little Meditation - An illustrated meditation book for children 6-99 years old.

Publisher: MyMorawa


In times of homeschooling and home office, it has become more and more important to give our children the valuable mental tool of self-reflection. Because our modern everyday life, even as adults, is far too often determined by hectic pace and a flood of digital images. We forget to give ourselves the space we need. Meditation is an ancient tool to calm the mind and to face life with clarity and presence.

In this 'little' book we have summarized the ancient knowledge about meditation into simple and practically comprehensible exercises. Text and imagery are deliberately kept simple in order to facilitate the introduction to this often abstract topic. After a short introduction there are meditation trips for the little ones, as well as in the back part e.g. the StarUP! Meditation for children who are already grown up.

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My Little Meditation


"Keep it simple! And keep it short!" has always been Vily's motto for this little book project. And since in times of homeschooling and home office the demand, especially among mothers, for visually highlighted meditations increased, Vily put these little videos on YOUTUBE for free. 'Do it yourself', but already practiced daily by many, you want to make it easier for you and your loved ones to get started with meditation. Come to rest! And breathe freely!



The Fun-Me-Up! Meditation, or dolphin meditation

for children 6 - 99 years

Reconnect with the feeling of joy and learn to call up this feeling at any time later. Scroll over the picture! This will take you to the My Little Meditation YouTube channel, where you can also see this meditation!

HERE you come to the My Little Meditation Youtube channel!

The SUPER breath meditation, or the fire meditation

For children 6-99 years

With the help of the SUPER-Breath you will learn that you can breathe away with your breath even such a super intense feeling as anger and anger. Even if they are not completely magical then, this meditation helps you to realize that you are not your feelings. HERE you come to the My Little Meditation YouTube channel!

The green brush meditation when I'm sick

For children 6-99 years

In this meditation you come into contact with the calming vibration of the color green. This color helps you when you are sick or when you are in pain.


The purification meditation when I feel full of garbage

for children 6 - 99 years

A visualization journey for children who now and then feel physically 'full of garbage'. In the light of the rainbow you will find clarity again.



The Seven Energy Centers Meditation

for children 12 - 99 years

Our body is surrounded by seven subtle energy centers, which we 'refuel' with the strongest power we know: the power of pure, focused consciousness.



Roman, Amazon Paperback, 2019
Laura, a little girl, grows up in a game reserve in South Africa's Kalahari Desert and instinctively is hooked with her 'red silence'. When Laura was six years old, she sent her mother and her brother Daniel to New York to grow up with her aunt. Abandoned by her mother and deeply traumatized, Laura suppresses her memories of her roots and builds a life as a modern woman. The death of the mother brings the young woman back to the 'red sands' of her childhood. Without meaning to, she falls in love with a passionate but tough gamekeeper who takes care of the protection of the rare black rhinos. Together with him she plunges back into the earlier world of her childhood and faces the tough realities of modern wildlife protection policy. Deeply touched by the mystical silence of the desert, Laura fights against the loss of her previously familiar concepts of emotional and spiritual progress. Your 'I', shaped by the zeitgeist of New York, is enchanted by the archaic worldview of the Bushmen. Freed from the innermost layers of herself, such as her fears and dreams, Laura learns to 'bring the rain' to the people she loves. Laura learns to love.

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Marion von Schröder Verlag, Munich 1999

(no longer available in stores)

A story of loss, true love and the bitter-sweet longing for yourself, which takes place against the background of the tobacco and cigar industry in the Dominican Republic.
A young art dealer in New York meets a legendary cigar producer, the 'El Tabaqueiro' from the Dominican Republic, who staggers between his fear of losing his family tradition based on colonial times and his own longing for truthfulness.



An autobiographical report
Bastei Lübbe 1997, (no longer available in stores)
Together with my publisher, and under a pseudonym, I described the brutal everyday life of a young woman with an eating disorder. We wanted to encourage other women that healing is possible.
As a 12 year old girl I started my first diet. A year-long nightmare begins. What I did not know at the time, and neither did my countless therapists, was that I suffered from a severe, physically-related dependence on the 'substance of food'. Triggered by a seemingly 'harmless' diet. Food became a drug. I was caught in a life-threatening spiral of addiction. It wasn't until I met a therapist in New York that my healing began. I realize that I alone have the strength to replace my old victimism with life-affirming beliefs. I find healing borne by my husband's love.