Can you suck your cock

How you blow yourself

Come on, admit you tried. As long as you have a penis, a mouth and 15 free minutes and you have the slightest bit of curiosity, you have tried to find out how close your face can get to this annoying little dick that you carry around in your pants. That's OK, since the beginning of time, the male sex has tried to put the thing in his mouth. Unfortunately, very few of us can.

The worst thing about those few inches between the tip of your cock and your sweet, sweet lips is knowing that there are indeed guys out there who can overcome this abyss - and they're not even contortionists or freaks with a 50 centimeter long pipe in his underpants. They are just normal guys who are gifted with making themselves happy.

Both guys are beansticks of about sixty-five pounds (both around 1.80). Unsurprisingly, it's much easier to get hold of your own cock when a big belly isn't in the way. The size of the penis does not seem to play a major role. Both guys are just under 18 centimeters when they're tough and are only a little more generous than the average. So the body type seems to be more important than the equipment.

You don't have to master the 'downward looking dog position' from yoga, but both guys emphasize the importance of stretching exercises, especially for the neck. Don't just test your flexibility on the big day, just spend a week seeing how far you can stretch your upper body and everything over your shoulders. Kade even recommends loosening up with a hot bath. As if putting a dick in your mouth wasn't gay enough.

John says, “The one who can do it when he's still limp should win a prize.” Isn't being able to blow your own cock a reward enough? Anyway, both agree that the harder the better. Kade uses it a penis ring to achieve maximum hardness and to keep his stiffness, even if his throat starts to hurt or he is frustrated that it does not run as smoothly as usual.

Pick a position

Kade prefers to lie on his back and stretch his legs up in the air so that he brings his cock up to his mouth. He does this on the floor or some other hard surface because a bed gives way too much. "One way you can do it is to lean your back and head against the wall and then walk down the wall as far as you can." A pillow under your head not only serves as a cushion, it also lifts you up a little head.

Kade says the first time he reached his temple of pleasure it was with the help of a friend who gently pushed his legs down so he could get his cock over the finish line. He had great success in making both his male and female partners happy by making himself happy. He says they are always amazed, amused and happy to help. Now one could ask, "Why would anyone want to suck their own cock when there is someone else around who can do it for you?" I answer that with another, very obvious question: Who doesn't want to suck their own cock? Maybe you should you'd rather read another article about cat cafés or something.

Should you be victorious in this arena, not only do you have to accept the inevitability that everyone will demand a demonstration of your sexy secret, there is another surprise to be prepared for: splash in your own mouth. Most (straight) men haven't had this experience before, so some gagging could come into play. “Getting into your mouth for the first time is a shock. You're so surprised that it works, "said Kade." You're more excited that you're actually doing it than you care about your sperm. I just got in my mouth. That's incredible! '"

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